Just when we thought layered hair was here to stay, celebrities have been jumping on the blunt bandwagon!

This style calls for a cut that is straight across with no layers. It can be done to hair of all lengths for different types of payoffs. Even better, the blunt cut can be worn becomingly by women of all ages.

Short blunt hairstyles

Short and chic: Helen Mirren, Lily Collins                   Photos by PR Photos


On short hair, blunt ends can help you grow out a layered pixie, like with Millennial icon Lena Dunham, or fall around your face in a flattering way—such as on actresses Helen Mirren and Lily Collins, who both have recently been given a short, straight chop.

Chin skim: Emma Roberts, Zoe Kazan


A chin-length blunt haircut provides a few more styling options, from straight to slightly mussy. Young Hollywood stars that have recently gone this route include actresses Lucy Hale, Kirsten Dunst, Emma Roberts and Zoe Kazan. Note that Emma went with all one length, while Zoe opted for long sweeping bangs on their chic blunt cuts.


And Halle Berry (who, let’s face it, would look gorgeous wearing a brown paper sack and a bald head!) recently wowed with the unveiling of her new chin-skimming chop complemented by caramel highlights and face-framing fringe, above.

Medium blunt hairstyles

Blunt lob: Jessica Alba, Emmanuelle Vaugier


Medium hair also benefits from the styling versatility afforded by a blunt cut. This haircut, sometimes called the blunt lob, has recently graced the faces of stars from Jessica Alba to Sophia Bush to Emmanuelle Vaugier.

Stylist Renato Campora, who created Jessica’s blunt-lob look last year, noted on Instyle.com that this style “elongates the neck and makes you look more statuesque.”

Long blunt hairstyles

Long story: Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore


On longer hair, a straight cut can freshen up your style as well. Actresses who have cut their famous tresses into a long blunt style have included Amanda Seyfried, who posted her new look on Instagram last year; and Natalie Portman, who wore her long hair in a sleek, blunt ponytail to the recent screening of her directorial debut, A Tale of Love and Darkness.

Meanwhile, Julianne Moore showed off her new blunt cut on the red carpet for the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards, shorty after celebrity stylist Marcus Francis had given her the cut.

“It's a departure from the scraggly undone hair that was around for a while,” Francis told Glamour for its Lipstick blog. “Blunter and undone looks healthier and more enviable,” he noted.

The secret to getting a clean blunt cut on long or thick hair, according to Francis, is to “take the weight out” by taking vertical sections and feather-cutting internal layers on the ends.

If you’d like to try this style for yourself, the best way to get a blunt cut that suits your face and hair type is to take some photos to your Keratin Complex stylist as an idea of what you’re looking for. And, to be blunt: They’ll take it from there!