As the World Wide Web continues to conquer the media wars, having an online presence via social media has become so important that it can literally make or break you as a professional—or even as a company.

Take what happened earlier this year at Kevyn Aucoin Beauty. The skin care and makeup company noticed that they were literally selling out of two of their skin powders. A little digging by company executives uncovered a series of posts about Aucoin on the popular website Beautylish, one of which detailed a contouring technique used by the famed makeup artist (who died in 2002), and mentioned the two skin powders specifically.

The site, which has 5.5 million followers across social media, reportedly pushed out the Aucoin content via e-mail before posting it online. And voila! The two products flew off the shelves (creating the kind of headache that most beauty companies would kill for: a pipeline for future sales via backorders)!

Beautylish, by the way, was founded in 2010 by a bunch of tech-savvy investors who had noted a huge shift in the way many women were learning about, and shopping for, beauty products, with consumers increasingly heading online and using social media for these activities. 

Keratin Complex® & social media

Closer to home, Keratin Complex’s stylists are using social media marketing as an effective way to push the stylists’ own “product”—themselves! After all, the Internet is the best place to promote your brand, and it doesn’t cost a thing (except maybe your time, of course). 

Take Keratin Complex stylist Ciara Cipriano, who has virtually built her entire client base from her social media postings on Facebook, Instagram and the like. Ciara, who works as a Keratin Complex educator, as well as behind the chair at Fresh Hair Studio in Southhampton, PA, likes to say, “Your work speaks for itself; the people who see it want to be in your chair.” And to prove it, she regularly posts before-and-after examples of her work on social media. 

The young stylist, who is also pursuing a degree in communications, has combined her knowledge and skill sets by putting social media networking to maximum use. “Being an active member on social networks and using different social media tools has been a huge part of growing my book and building my business,” she says.

So the takeaway, dear KeraFans, is that you’re nobody unless somebody loves you—on social media, that is! Coming soon: Stay tuned as we share some specific social media marketing tips from Ciara in a future post.

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