Note from the KeraGirls: International Creative Team Member Abraham Sprinkle describes his assignment to style a VIP for a red-carpet event during New York Fashion Week. Held at the Plaza Hotel on Sept. 16, the soiree honored the subjects of the Harper’s Bazaar “Icons” issue (September 2015), including Katy Perry (who also performed), Jessica Chastain, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Lucky Blue, Oprah Winfrey and Mariah Carey, as well as scores of film and fashion luminaries.

During New York Fashion Week, the session artist is certainly kept busy. Not only are we running around doing styling for the shows, but also for the red carpet. Take the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party at the Plaza Hotel: Stylists were sent to hotels across New York City to get every VIP invitee prepared for their walk on the red carpet.

I was honored to style Cody Horn, above, (of Magic Mike) for this particular event. Doing a celebrity is like getting a new client, with the key difference being that you feel as if you already know them due to a movie they were in or a show you watched. Usually, you have very limited time to work your magic—and what I mean by magic is making them look great yet different while still keeping within their look.

Cody was incredibly laid-back, so that was not the challenge; the challenge was making her look completely different from how she looked at her red carpet event the night before. Challenge number two was doing all this in conjunction with a makeup artist doing her face at the same time. It’s a bit like a dance with uncoordinated partners.

Unlike with an editorial, there is no Photoshop in red-carpet work—so you have to do your best to make it look effortless. Within my 30-minute timeframe, Keratin Complex’s Vita Volume Boosting Foam and Sweet Definition sugar spray were my weapons of choice to give sexy, disheveled texture to her long blonde hair.

In the end, when the actress is smiling you know your mission is accomplished.

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