Note from the KeraGirls: International Creative Team Member Abraham describes his experience as a stylist at the Keratin Complex® popup styling station at the MTV Music Lodge Portrait Studioduring the 2015 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT.

Getting the call to participate in the Keratin Complex styling station at the Sundance Film Festival was a dream come true. This was a three-day event of non-stop celebrities, filmmakers, agents, editors, etc.—and I didn’t have the first clue what to expect. 

As I put together my kit, I was trying to think of every possible scenario to be as prepared a possible. This is like an on-location job: You must have everything you could possibly need, as you never know how close the nearest beauty supply store is to your locale.

Day 1

As we set up the popup station for the MTV event, I begin to look around. CHAOS! It reminds me of the movie The Devil Wears Prada, when the call comes that the big boss is coming and everyone is scrambling to be prepared. As I gaze over the organization (or lack thereof), I begin to realize that this is actually happening. I have no idea whether this feeling of being overwhelmed is from the hype or the altitude.

The race begins …

My first sighting is Jack Black … walking around with a Keratin Complex pink Bling Brush and a huge smile! As the morning goes by, it’s amazing to watch so many stars you’ve only seen in movies walk around and meet and greet. Then realism sets in—in the end, they are just people, too. Until you notice the entourage that follows these particular people, making sure that they are kept on track. 

During our first day, we are also meeting editors and magazine reps. As people stream in to get their hair fixed and get their Keratin Complex freebies, you really have a short time to get a lot of work done. Not only trying to fix hair and avoid the photographer who doesn’t know personal space, but also avoiding publicists and others who stay to watch—and get in the way.

This happens throughout the day, and because of the excitement in the air, it’s very hard to stay focused on prepping.

Day 2

The chaos has calmed down and everyone seems to be in their element today.

The day starts with reality star Gretchen Rossi, of Real Housewives fame. But I am not nervous, because she has such good, positive energy. She has come to get her long blonde locks blow-dried, and her only rule is she wants it moveable. But it’s the bling that gets all the attention—especially the Bling Brush. She proclaims herself in love …

My next big highlight is Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin. This turns out to be a bit of a challenge—not because of Gina, who is wonderful; but her entourage provides very little room to move, and we have literally 10 minutes to prep and get her ready. It’s like a phantom sighting: so fast that you question whether it was real.

Day 3

My last job involves going to reality star Kendra Wilkinson. I arrive at her hotel and wait in the lobby until the exact appointment time. I don’t even realize that sitting right next to me is Kendra’s New York City makeup artist, who’s also checking her watch. 

As we arrive upstairs, we are greeted be her publicist, who gives us the details on what we are to do. I think to myself how fun it would be for someone to know so much about me that they can give direction. 

Then it’s time to meet Kendra.  She is a totally real person with a warmness that radiates—and the thickest hair I’ve dealt with this whole event. The goal here is to make her hair sleek and moveable—so it’s workhorses Glowtion Potion Styling Oil and Straight Day Styling Spray to the rescue. 

About 45 minutes later, I am packing up and realizing that in the past three days, I have checked one more thing off my bucket list.