For those days when you don’t have time to wash and style your hair as usual, we compiled our favorite last-minute hair ideas, courtesy of our friends at Byrdie. Here are our four favorite tips and tricks for dealing with dirty, stringy or greasy hair:

1. Change your part

“One of the easiest ways to hide greasy strands and add extra volume is to use a comb to part your hair on the opposite side,” advises Byrdie.

Keratin Complex Style Therapy

To give unwashed hair a little more volume, put a little Vita Volume Boosting Foam into your palms, and work it through the scalp area with a brush or your fingers (and spend a minute or so with the blow-dryer if you have time).

2. Use your dry shampoo correctly

First of all, don’t brush before you apply the shampoo, which only spreads the oils throughout the hair, worsening the grease effect, making it look clumpy and stringy.

And when you do apply the dry shampoo, let it work for a few minutes before working it through or brushing it out of your hair.

Better yet, use Keratin Complex’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder, which has a special brush applicator and is formulated for all hair types to not only cleanse and refresh, but also to provide lift at the root for just-washed “oomph.” Stash this handy little bottle in a desk drawer, and keep one in your purse for last-minute strand resuscitation!     

3. Go with braids

This trendy look is the perfect go-to helper when you’ve got unkempt or unclean hair.  Any braid style will do; for some easy braiding ideas, check out any number of tutorials available on websites such as YouTube. “They'll help mask messy and oily strands, plus they hold better when your hair is a little dirty anyway,” notes the Byrdie blog.

4. Pamper your split ends

As Byrdie notes, “Second- or third-day hair doesn't always manifest itself as oily roots. If your hair is damaged, your ends can start to look crunchy and tangled.” 

Keratin Complex Style Therapy

A quick fix is to apply a small amount of a conditioning oil, such as Glowtion Potion Styling Oil on those dried-out ends before doing any styling. Just use a drop or two and work evenly throughout the ends only, and you’re all set.