The Colorist was on the lookout all of 2014 for up-and-coming colorists ages 30 and younger. And we are thrilled that two members of the Keratin Complex Elite Inspiration Team have made the list! Ciara Cipriano and Nisha Patel are featured in the "30 Under 30" cover story for The Colorist's November/December 2014 issue.

Ciara Cipriano
                                              Ciara Cipriano

Ciara, 22, got her start in the beauty industry right out of high school, as a student at the prestigious ARROJO Cosmetology School in Manhattan. She worked in SoHo as a color apprentice and assistant to a celebrity colorist before returning to her native Pennsylvania to attend college (for communications) and continue her beauty career. She currently works under the tutelage of Deborah Gavin, Keratin Complex’s International Artistic Director for Color Therapy, at Deb’s salon, Fresh Hair Studio in Philadelphia, as well as on the road as a Keratin Complex educator.  

“I have been able to develop the way I speak with my clientele and approach each individual canvas with a new set of eyes,” Ciara says. “This has taught me to formulate efficiently, thinking two steps ahead in order to set myself—and my canvas—up for success.” 

Nisha Patel
                                               Nisha Patel

Nisha, 29, is of East Indian heritage and was born in London. At 3, she moved to Sacramento, CA, with her family. She started her career in 2007, training in makeup and wigs in San Francisco and New York and in haircutting in London. In 2011, she packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles, where she found work behind the chair in a salon setting a few days a week. She also freelances as a stylist, doing theatrical makeup and wigs for clients such as the Sacramento Opera, as well as hairstyling and makeup for photo shoots for brands, catalog work, and commercials. Oh, and of course she also works as an educator for Keratin Complex.

Of the 30 Under 30 honor, Nisha says she is “very excited and grateful to have this opportunity. I read The Colorist every month, so to see myself in it is pretty awesome.”

30 Under 30 Q&A

Here are some other burning questions for these exceptional young Keratin Complex stylists:    

Q: What was your reaction to hearing that you made the list?

Ciara: “I was honored. It was one of the few moments throughout my career I have allowed myself to take a step back and say, ‘Your hard work is finally paying off.’ ”

Nisha: “It’s a little mind-blowing at first. I love what I do, and it has been such a journey for me; so to be recognized for what I love doing makes it all so worth it!”  

Q: What do you love about Keratin Complex, and why?

Ciara: “I love the wide variety of tools that Smoothing Therapy and Color Therapy™ provide me behind the chair in order to customize and create top-of-the-line services. This ultimately enables me to build off of my clients’ previous service to enhance their overall look while maintaining the integrity of my clients’ hair.”

Nisha: “I love that I have support from Keratin Complex. I feel very comfortable with everyone. If I need guidance, answers to questions or just information, I always have it. The smoothing treatments, the color line and the products are phenomenal. I couldn’t ask for more.”  

Q: How has Keratin Complex contributed to your success?

Ciara: “They have created a full product line, as well as tools that have elevated the level of productivity and work that I am able to do behind the chair; they’ve also given me a platform to share my journey along the way with salon users all over the country.”

Nisha: “Becoming a hairstylist for me changed my life in such a positive way. It went against everything my traditional family wanted for me and I had to do it on my own. I was also very shy and anxious as a child and as an adult. I was always scared and worried, but being a hairstylist made all that go away. I am very comfortable behind the chair and I get to meet amazing people all the time. Becoming an educator was the icing on the cake. With the right materials, tool, products, and training, I have never felt as confident with hair as I do today. When you feel confident, anything is possible!” 

Q. What are your ambitions for the future? 

Ciara: “As I look into the future, my ambitions are to complete my college degree and continue working alongside Deborah Gavin in order to promote a higher level of education through the advanced formulation and application techniques that Keratin Complex has to offer.”

Nisha: “When I become an educator for Keratin Complex, something great happened inside me. I really wanted to do something that stands out. I created a site, Smart Beauty 101, to give everyday people honest, professional information about beauty. My clients, family and friends are always asking me the same questions, so I thought why not put all this in one place and have the information backed up by me? I love what I do and I care about what I do.”