At Keratin Complex®, we’re always innovating, always focused on setting trends and introducing beauty products that look forward—not backward.

We knew we were on to something with our new Sweet Definition Texturizing Sugar Mist, with its nourishing formula that uses sugar extract—instead of the standard, salt— to help add body and texture for that coveted beach-waves-hair look. This unique sugar spray provides an alternative to the salt sprays on the market that tend to dry out the hair.

And stylists and consumers alike aren’t merely interested in our Sweet Definition hair texturizing spray, they’re wild about it! Read on for just some of the stylist feedback we’ve been getting.

Stylists' raves about Sweet Definition sugar spray

“It’s FABULOUS!!” says Amanda Tomek-Mathis of Liz Mathis & Co. salon in Texas. “I have been using on myself, plus clients. I can’t keep it on the shelves!!”

Styling by John Mcgarrry with Sweet Definition


“Absolutely loving the new Sweet Definition,” declares John McGarry, a stylist at Blo It Out in Astoria, NY. On one client (above), he mixed Sweet Definition texturizing spray with Keratin Complex Kerabalm and achieved a gorgeous wave with lots of hold.

Savannah Snow, owner of Hair & Makeup by Savannah in Buford, GA, says that she is “obsessed” with Sweet Definition. “After frequent use of the sugar mist for about a month now, my hair is losing that brittle feel I had when using salt spray. It gives good hold but a softer touch than other curl sprays.”

“It’s a wonderful product! My clients and I love the texture and shine it gives the hair. Also love that it keeps hair healthy in the summer sun,” says Andrew Payne, a stylist at Tonya’s Beauty Boutique in Swartz Creek, MI.

Styling by Yvette Clavell using Keratin Complex Sweet Definition sugar spray


Yvette Clavell, owner of YC Artistry Lounge in Pembroke Pines, FL, has been playing with Sweet Definition sugar spray to give her clients different types of lovely texture, from riotously curly to smooth-and-full-bodied (both, above). “I love it!” she reports.

“It is one of my favorite products,” enthuses Sharon Jardim Williams, owner of Total Tranquility Salon in Indian Trail, NC. “Our clients are loving it!”

Styling by Michele McCord using Sweet Definition texture spray


“Love the product!” agrees Michele McCord, owner of Studio M, Inc., Hair Design air DeHin Greenville, SC, who uses the sugar mist on both her clients (above) and herself. “Unlike the sea salt sprays that give the hair a sticky feel, Sweet Definition gives a touchable, yet separated, piecey look to my curls. I can actually get a few days out of my styling!” she says. “And, as a stylist using it on clients, the feedback is in my retail sales!”