We’ve noticed a definite theme among recent social media postings by Keratin Complex stylists when showing off their work: the color RED! It seems that colorists—and their clients—are hooked on Keratin Complex’s Color Therapy™ and its ability to impart head-turning reds, from fiery shades of pure red and crimson to subtle strands of violet, mahogany and orange-red.

For inspiration, we’re sharing a few of their red-all-over results!

KeraHold® for copper gold locks

Cosmetologist Kree Pasquino of Pure Color Bar Salon in Willoughby, OH, says she has been completely won over by Color Therapy. “Keratin Complex color stole my heart,” she declares, “especially with how vibrant and well it stays and the longevity of the color.”

As a young stylist, Kree appreciates the versatility she gets with the Color Therapy line. “I love how I can maneuver the shades to get edgy but modest colors—some more edgy than others, which is more my style.”

As for Color Therapy’s red offerings, Kree says she has “never been so pleased with a red color line in my life.” So, when a longtime friend, Danielle, came to her with a Pinterest look that she wanted to mimic, Kree didn’t hesitate.

Danielle started out as a light neutral blonde, and the color she wanted was a slightly darker copper gold. So, Kree mixed Keratin Complex KeraHold Medium Copper Gold Blonde, with a little bit of Lightest Violet Gold Blonde to neutralize the orange hues, and applied it throughout Danielle’s hair.

'When I was done, her reaction was priceless—she loved it!'

After processing, she shampooed and conditioned the hair with Keratin Complex Keratin Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner, then applied Infusion Keratin Replenisher before blow-drying with a round brush for a smooth, shiny finish. A light spray of Shine Vibrant Shine Serum on the ends, and a quick pass with the flat iron, and the result was a huge hit.

“When I was done, her reaction was priceless—she loved it!” Kree says. “She didn't think she would look good in that color; but with her tan skin and hazel eyes, it works wonderfully for her and complements her eye color.“

Kree has worked similar magic on many other clients, giving them red results that “can be amazingly edgy and bright in the sunlight—while, inside, more modest and workplace-acceptable for certain jobs.” Her favorite trick is to layer reds for a dimensional look by “always applying the lighter-level red first and going back through to apply the deeper level for dimension.” She also likes to use Metamorfix™ Extreme Direct Pigments, such as Extreme Red or Extreme Red Violet, in formulas to give the hair an extra layer of red and a strong pop of color.

Says Kree: “I’m extremely lucky to be given every opportunity to make the world a more beautiful place, one head of hair at a time.” And we’re sure her clients are in agreement!

Keratin Complex stylists

KeraHold and Metamorfix for a rich mahogany red

Longtime stylist Tina Cacckello, who is a Keratin Complex educator for both Smoothing Therapy and Color Therapy, says that Keratin Complex “changed my life as a stylist in more ways than I could put in words.” She uses Keratin Complex products while working as a stylist and educator at Masello Salon Services in Cranston, RI, as well as at her own salon, Tina’s Hair Affair in Lake George, NY.

“The more I play with this line, the more I love it!” Tina says of Keratin Complex Color Therapy. And the reds, she adds, are “amazing. Amazing. Never have I seen a color literally stand the test of time.”

One client came to Tina with “virgin” hair in dire need of some help. Using Color Therapy, Tina was able to transform the client’s extremely thick and textured hair from an unruly, drab dark brown to a smooth, full-bodied mahogany red (above). She used KeraHold Light Red Blonde, with a dab of Metamorfix Extreme Red, and applied all over the head.

“Amazing results,” says Tina. We think you’ll agree that the final look is extremely flattering and—yes—amazing!

Keratin Complex stylists

KeraHold and KeraBrilliance for a bold red

Keratin Complex stylists are so pleased with the Color Therapy reds that they will even use it with confidence on their bosses!

For instance, at Studio D&G Hair Design & Skin Care in Upper Montclair, NJ, colorist Nicole Egidio used products in the Color Therapy line to do a hair makeover on salon owner Gina Cassatt. “She was over her summer red ombre and wanted to make a bold statement with her red hair,” says Nicole.

Nicole began the process by applying It’s a Blonde Thing Keratin Lightening System to create an even canvas, before using KeraHold Dark Red Blonde mixed with Metamorfix Extreme Red Violet as a foundational color. She then applied KeraBrilliance™ Light Red Brown and Metamorfix Extreme Red Violet from the mid-lengths to ends to even out the end result yet give some dimensionality, as well. Gina (above) was thrilled!

“I love this color line because of its longevity and durability,” Nicole says. Her favorite Color Therapy tool, she adds, is Metamorfix “because it has so many different ways it can be used.”