'Shiny hair makes people look younger. Vitalshot™ makes this happen!'
-- Stylist Steve Statland

Keratin Complex stylists have a “secret weapon” in their arsenal of keratin products to help their clients get and keep smooth, shiny hair; but the secret is getting out ... because they are starting to shout about it!

The product is Vitalshot keratin ampoules, which were specifically designed to deliver a powerful dose of keratin when used alone or in conjunction with other services such as a color application or a deep-conditioning masque.

Vitalshot and hair color

“I’m convinced that shiny hair makes people look younger. Vitalshot makes this happen!” says Steven Statland, owner of Chop Chop Bang Bang in Asbury Park, NJ.

Steven says that the ampoules have become a “vital” component of all of his single-process color formulas, allowing him to “make my color services superior to my competition.”

In fact, he says that one of his stylists that left for another salon and uses a competitive hair color has chosen to return to Chop Chop Bang Bang, “because of Keratin Complex color … and now that we have Vitalshots, no one—unless they have it—can compete with us.”

Keratin Complex stylists
Paul Orlandi--client before Vitalshot

Vitalshot as a restorative service

Paul Orlandi, a 30-year industry veteran and owner of Meraki Hair Studio in Mayfield Heights, OH, loves to use Vitalshot as a restorative treatment on clients with hair that has undergone the rigors of regular heat styling.

Paul has been a fan of Keratin Complex ever since he first started using our breakthrough smoothing product, Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment. “I was excited to use it, but had no idea the power contained in that bottle,” he says. “As more and more products were introduced, it only made my job better and easier!”

With Vitalshot, Paul can perform a “mini” smoothing service that delivers smoother, shiner and more manageable hair.

For instance, he recently had a client with no previous smoothing therapies done to her hair, but who regularly colors her hair and uses professional products to maintain her style at home. While her color looked great, her hair did exhibit a bit of unruliness and frizz.

So, he used a service that started with an application of two Vitalshot ampoules. He then blow-dried her hair and added a few pumps of Infusion Keratin Replenisher before the blow-dry was completed. And finally, the hair was flat ironed on a to finish the process, with a light spritz of Flex Flow Flexible Shaping Hairspray to give her just a bit of hold.

“She was immediately pleased with the final result,” reports Paul. “The shine and softness she felt was amazing. ‘Incredible!’ was her word.”

Keratin Complex stylists
Paul Orlandi--client after Vitalshot

Even better, Paul feels confident in recommending Keratin Complex aftercare and styling products because he knows they will help maintain these fabulous results! “Everything I send my clients home with makes their hair better, stronger, and healthier! Keratin Complex never ceases to amaze me with their ever-evolving line.”


Keratin Complex stylists
Hair by Crystal Ledford Judd

Vitalshot and hair lightening

At Five Salon Suites in Hoover, AL, stylist Crystal Ledford Judd likes to use Vitalshots with her lightening services, especially to enhance her high-lift blondes.

One particular client with fine, fragile hair came in with a request to become a very light ash/slate blonde—a process that can be quite damaging to the hair under normal lightening. “With Keratin Complex It's a Blonde Thing™ and the added protection of Vitalshot, I was able to lift her to a very pale yellow, and then toned the hair with the Demi-Glaze Ultra-Light Violet Blonde,” Crystal says. “The result is beautiful, and the hair is more healthy and shiny than when we started!”

Crystal also loves the Masque Maximizer services using Vitalshot and Keratin Complex’s deep conditioners. “I love this option because the service can be customized for the particular guest hair type,” she says—and she even finds it useful on a personal level: “I use the Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner with a Vitalshot in my own hair at least once a month to combat dryness and keep my hair healthy.”