One of the best things about Keratin Complex’s professional smoothing services is their versatility: We have answers for every client, every hair type, and every desired result!

Having launched the smoothing revolution in 2007 with our award-winning Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment, Keratin Complex continues to lead the way in offering new ways for stylists to use smoothing in their menu of services.

Here are some creative ways that Keratin Complex stylists are using Smoothing Therapy to give clients a solution to their hair challenges:

Keratin Complex stylists
Hair before smoothing


Smoothing Therapy for seamless texture with hair extensions

Paul Dobbert, owner of Tangles Hair Lounge in Riverside, CA, is such a fan of Keratin Complex that he teaches other stylists how to deliver Keratin Complex services, including Smoothing Therapy.

“Using Keratin Complex to customize services tailored specifically for every client has given me a better repertoire, and I am able to focus on their individual needs and wants,” he says.

One particular hair model for his classes had extensions in her hair. “I discussed her unique hair situation with her after a class one day,” he recalls. “The difference between her hair’s natural texture and the extensions’ texture was causing her frustration and was going to force her to get rid of her extensions.”

Never fear, he told her: Smoothing Therapy to the rescue! He explained how our signature smoothing solution, Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment, would solve her hair problems. The treatment, he said, could be used on her natural hair to “smooth the top layer of texture to better incorporate the extensions into her style,” and it could also “add life to her existing extensions by adding shine, sealing the cuticle, and refreshing the keratin level in the extensions.”

Keratin Complex stylists
Hair after smoothing by Paul Dobbert


“She was so excited that she wanted to be a model for an upcoming class,” he recalls. The results speak for themselves, with a seamless texture transition from natural hair to extensions, easier styling and longer-lasting extensions.

And by teaching other stylists how to handle this particular hair challenge, Paul says he is helping them expand their service offerings and be truly able to solve any type of hair challenge!

Keratin Complex stylists
Hair before smoothing


Smoothing Therapy to tame extreme hair

In Dallas, TX, longtime stylist and Keratin Complex devotee Shawn ‘The Hair Doc’ Strickland prides herself on her ability to tame even the wildest hair with Smoothing Therapy treatments.

Shawn’s clientele includes women of color who face issues of coarseness and general unruliness. She says that Keratin Complex has literally changed her business, because she can now offer a safe alternative to relaxers without the damage associated with those products. “In six months, I was successful in transitioning 100 percent of my clients from harsh chemicals to Smoothing Therapy,” she says.

Nowadays, Shawn says she especially enjoys working on textured and ethnic hair, “because when I do a keratin treatment on these particular clients, the wow factor is much greater than on already-straight or slightly wavy hair!”

Keratin Complex stylists
Hair after smoothing by Shawn Strickland


Results such as the one above, which Shawn achieved on a regular customer using the Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment, are typical—and clients are so wowed that Shawn is getting more and more clients strictly through word of mouth.

But besides the business boost, Shawn says that Keratin Complex has given her “the joy of changing the social misconceptions of textured hair and helping women find their inner beauty and self esteem.”

Color Therapy plus Smoothing Therapy for superior results

Toney Wilson, a stylist at Laru Ni Hati Hair Salon & Color Lab in Albuquerque, NM, likes to combine Keratin Complex color and smoothing services to give his clients the best hair results they’ve ever seen.

In his 25 years in the profession, Toney has worked with numerous brands, but his hands-down favorite is Keratin Complex. “I absolutely love the entire line—color, smoothing and retail,” he says. So much so, in fact, that he convinced the salon to switch over to the Color Therapy line and also became a field educator for Keratin Complex to spread the Keralove to other salons.

Keratin Complex stylists
Before and after a Color Meets Smooth
service by Toney Wilson


One longtime client who regularly gets her hair colored by Toney has an issue with frizz and unruly hair, so Toney recently gave her the one-two punch. “I explained how the Express Blow Out would help lock in her color in addition to smoothing her frizz,” Toney says.

First, he foiled on some It’s a Blonde Thing lightener to create lighter pieces throughout the head, then applied two brunette formulas of KeraHold® and Metamorfix — one more violet and one more pink. After processing and shampooing out the color, he applied the smoothing treatment. “She absolutely loved the results, and the color still looks amazing six weeks later,” Toney reports.