Here at the Keratin Complex corporate offices, we’ve got KeraGirls of all ages—including a few who aren’t exactly spring chicks anymore. So we were particularly intrigued to see a recent online news post declaring that “granny hair” is trending, even among the younger set.

“Fashion designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chanel and Gareth Pugh have all styled their models with silver hair, and many have since followed suit,” reports Reuters via the Huffington Post. Celebrities jumping on the granny bandwagon, it says, include Pink, Rihanna, Kelly Osborne and Lady Gaga (on home page).

“Granny hair is basically silver hair, any tone of gray in your hair: steel gray, silvery gray, really, really white, platinum-ish with either violet or silver undertones,” Reuters quotes New York hairstylist Jan-Marie Arteca as saying. “That’s the trend.”

Keratin Complex stylists
Stylist Rachel Chambers models her silver-and-purple hair

Granny hair with lavender touches

Keratin Complex beauty professionals have been embracing this trend, as well.

For instance, Rachel Chambers, a colorist at Identity Salon in Stanwood, WA, likes to use herself as a walking billboard by coloring her own hair in trend shades. She recently gave herself a lovely silvery-purple look that she’s jokingly dubbed “Cloudy with a Chance of Lavender.”

Rachel, who also works as a Keratin Complex educator, says that Keratin Complex’s It’s a Blonde Thing™ Keratin Lightening System® has made all the difference in her ability to deliver such fashion shades without damaging the hair.

“That has totally been a game-changer for me,” she says. “Having to pre-lighten many clients to achieve these pastel tones or bright trend colors, I can do it with more ease knowing the lightener gives me the results I want without trashing the hair to a Barbie-doll state.”

… All the more reason to give this look a try if you’re so inclined!

Keratin Complex stylists
Stylist Jacki Sabo before

Granny gray for younger clients

For women who still have natural pigments in their hair, the process to get silver or gray hair can be quite lengthy, as it involves first using a lightener to remove dark pigments and even out the canvas before coloring the hair the desired shade(s). Keratin Complex stylists are becoming adept at this service, and are finding that their clients are very satisfied with the results.

In Fraser, CO, longtime stylist and co-owner of Fraser Hair Co. Ilizabeth Adelman recently colored her salon partner Jacki Sabo’s hair in tones of gray and silver—and watched as the look caught on. “It was a hit in town and has taken off,” says Ilizabeth, who also works as an educator for Keratin Complex. “With the variety of colors that Keratin Complex offers, I have found I can achieve the look on many different hair types and different base colors,” she says.

Keratin Complex stylists
Jacki after, with granny hair

So, when a regular client walked in a week or so later and asked for granny hair after seeing Jacki’s results, Ilizabeth did not hesitate. She lightened the client’s brown hair to a pale blonde, and then applied KeraHold in Ash and Slate Blue shades. After processing, she applied Demi-Glaze in Ultra-Light Violet Blonde to add an extra layer of color and shine. A cute haircut later, and the client walked out happily—and stylishly—granny-like!

Keratin Complex stylists
Granny hair by Ilizabeth Adelman

What about an already-gray canvas?

The growing acceptance for showing off naturally gray, silver, or white hair is helping some women decide to play up that feature—rather than going the traditional route of hiding it with an application of hair color in brunette, blonde, or even red.

Keratin Complex stylists say they are seeing an uptick in demand for this kind of service; and, again, they are confident in being able to achieve the desired result with Color Therapy!

Sarah Boulton, a Keratin Complex educator and owner of Body Bliss Salon & Spa in Wake Forest, NC, recently had just such a request from a longtime client who wanted gray highlights in the crown area to go with the natural gray around her face.

Sarah’s service involved first applying KeraHold in Light Brown to the grays to darken that area closer to her naturally pigmented hair. Then she used It’s a Blonde Thing to create lightened pieces in the crown area, before applying an Ash Natural Modifier, and then toning that with KeraBrilliance™ in Light Ash Blonde. The resulting shades of gray were a huge hit: “It turned out great; the client loved it!” says Sarah.

So, if you want to try out this look, be sure to contact your local Keratin Complex stylist and ask for a great granny gray!