There’s no question that hairstyle trends come and go. However, the popularity of “freeform” hair coloring seems to be here to stay. That’s because stylists—and their clients—love the versatility of results they can achieve with techniques that fall under this category, including ombre, balayage and hair-melting.

 Freeform with Color Therapy for variety of results

In Oklahoma City, OK, stylist and Keratin Complex educator Summer Taylor finds that these techniques—and Color Therapy™—can help solve any number of hair “challenges” that arise with her customers at ‘N Style Salon & Spa.

“I love the creamy viscosity of the Kerahold permanent color and the It’s a Blonde Thing™ lightener,” Summer says. “It makes color melting easy and insures even saturation and optimum color uptake while correcting porosity for a healthier finish.”

Lauren Conrad with ombre hairPhoto by PR Photos

For instance, a client named Jillian recently requested hair that looks like the celebrity Lauren Conrad (above), from her days with long, brunette-on-top, blonde-on-bottom hair.

No problem, responded Summer!

Ombre hair by Summer TaylorJillian with ombre hair by Summer Taylor

Jillian started off as a dark caramel blonde with natural, interspersed highlights. To make the transformation, Summer first applied Kerabrilliance™ demi-permanent color in light caramel brown “to refresh her base.” Then, she feathered on It’s a Blonde Thing, focusing on the mid-length to ends, and processed it to a nice blonde tone. “Jillian love the end result and couldn’t believe how healthy it felt,” reports Summer.

Balayage hair by Summer TaylorDwana with balayage hair by Summer Taylor

Another regular client, Dwana—a light caramel-copper brunette with highlights around her face—needed something with a natural blend so she could go longer between appointments, without that dreaded “line of demarcation” between her colored hair and the new growth. So, Summer applied her base color in KeraHold, using a feathering action downward from the root area “to create a flawless blended effect.” Then, she applied the lightener in a balayage technique to diagonal sections around the face and toward the back of the head. The reaction? “Dwana was thrilled with the results of her new lower-maintenance do!”

Color Therapy for ombre hair

BriAnna Mechelle Williamson, who with her mother runs Teresa & Associates Day Spa and Salon in Florence, AL, also loves using Color Therapy tools to get amazing results with freeform techniques. “It is truly everything they say and more,” BriAnna enthuses about the Keratin Complex color line. “I love the shine and manageability I achieve each time I use it.”

She recently used It’s A Blonde Thing lightener for a balayage technique on a first-time customer named Hannah—who wanted to try an “ombre” look for her brunette locks. So, Brianna applied the lightener in a V form from ends to crown, “going closer to the root on the outer perimeter.” After processing, she toned the hair with Demi-Glaze demi-permanent color in a mixture of Ultra-Light Natural Blonde and Ultra-Light Gold-Violet Blonde.

Ombre hair by BriAnna WilliamsonHannah with balayage hair by Brianna Williamson

“Her reaction to the finished result was, ‘I LOVE IT! This is exactly what I wanted!’ ” BriAnna recalls.

Color Therapy for fierce red

At Hot Chops Salon in Omaha, NE, owner Heather Dolezal absolutely loves to play with Color Therapy products to deliver gorgeous, head-turning hair!

Color Melt hair by Heather DolezaiBefore-and-after photos of Heather Dolezai's work

One client came in with seriously overbleached ends, and Heather was able to transform her with a lovely look that mimics the flames of a fire, with red on top that fades to orange.

Copper-brown-to-blond color melt

A regulr client named Gosia at CoCo Beauty Lounge in Elmwood Park, IL, asked for something that would liven up her brownish-beigey locks—and owner/stylist Linzi CoCo was only too happy to oblige!

A color melt on Gosia by Linzi CoCo

"She wanted something fresh and bright," recalls Linzi. "She showed me a Pinterest picture, and I took it from there."

She lightened the ends with It's a Blonde Thing, then used KeraHold® in a freehand blending or "color melt" technique. She applied dark copper gold blonde at the root area, blending in light red copper brown and then medium copper gold blonde, and then "twisting it all together," reports Linzi. "And she LOVED it! She posted all over her social media account."