Keratin Complex is thrilled to welcome a true power couple in the beauty world to the company! Woody and Amy Michleb will be contributing their impressive creativity, experience and skills to Keratin Complex, with Amy as Director of Education and Woody as International Artistic Director, Cut and Style.

Keratin Complex news

The Michlebs boast distinguished careers in the professional beauty industry as top stylists, platform artists, educators and high-profile salon owners. They have won numerous accolades, including being recognized among the top 10 platform artists in North America. The couple have represented some of the industry’s leading companies and are known for their dynamic approach to education, avant-garde editorial styling, and commanding stage presence.

“We are thrilled to have a team the caliber of Woody and Amy Michleb join the Keratin Complex family,” said President Mario Argenti in a press release. “They represent the ‘best’ of our industry, both professionally and personally. As stylists, they have incredible talent, passion and creativity, as well as strong, keen business acumen and experience. Personally, they reflect genuine warmth, open minds, collaborative spirits and great empathy.”

The Michlebs’ new roles

Woody will be the lead platform artist in the cutting/styling category for domestic and international shows and educational events. He and Deb Gavin, International Artistic Director for Color Therapy, will work together to guide the artistic direction of the brand, as well as develop new techniques and collections to support company initiatives.

Amy will supervise all aspects of the company’s domestic and international education endeavors. Working closely with Deb and Woody, Amy will direct The Keratin Complex Academy curriculum, develop new education class modules, and lead the North American and international education team members.

Keratin Complex news

Amy and Woody are sure to make a splash during the Premiere Orlando trade show later this month, where they will join Deb in representing Keratin Complex both on the platform and on the convention floor.

So from the KeraGirls to the Michlebs: A big, hearty welcome to the KeraFamily! We’re so excited to see what comes next!