The KeraGirls were wondering what’s going on in the world of men’s hairstyles these days, so we reached out to Keratin Complex stylists and asked them about the trends they’ve been seeing on their local streets and in their own chairs.

So, guys, here are some of the best men’s hairstyles for 2015—or ways to stay in the “now” with your hair!

Men's hair with more texture

“I have been seeing a shift in men's hair trends into more textured and less polished styles,” observes Paul Dobbert, a Keratin Complex educator and owner of Tangles Hair Lounge in Riverside, CA. “A style that can be tamed for business purposes, the boardroom or field meetings; and then be transformed into a casual wear or more tousled look for a night on the town or afternoon trip to the ballpark.”

Paul Dobbert mens hairstyle summer 2015
A trendy man's hairstyle by Paul Dobbert


Paul says he achieves this versatile look on his male clients by giving them a “shorter version of an undercut,” which he creates by “leaving a textured, shorter edge at the top of the undercut that can be styled down, with a cocktail of MoldMe Matte Texturizing Cream and Iconic Polish High Shine Pomade, into a conservative look and then easily be transformed with a bit of finger manipulation to activate the texture for a messy and informal style.”

Meanwhile, in Mayfield Heights, OH, Paul Orlandi has been giving his male clients at Meraki Hair Studio at Salon Lofts “a lot of tight sides, tapered backs, and hard parts.” He, too, uses Mold Me and Iconic Polish ‘for finishing on almost-extreme top lengths.”

Hair with controlled texture

While texture is definitely on the rise for men (as well as women), crazy texture is still a no-no—after all, you should never go to work looking like you just rolled out of bed!

“Style starts with control,” notes Dobbert, who likes to use our signature Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment to help his curly guys gain that control.

Brandon before keratin treatment with AGSS
Brandon before a smoothing treatment


In Albuquerque, NM, stylist and Keratin Complex educator Toney Wilson’s co-worker Brandon Romero at Laru Ni Hati Hair Salon & Color Lab is growing out his thick head of hair. Brandon’s hair is “very coarse, very frizzy and curly,” says Toney, and it had become quite bushy.

Brandon after keratin treatment with AGSS
Brandon after a smoothing treatment


So, Toney did a smoothing treatment on him using Keratin Complex’s Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System—and “the results speak for themselves!” Toney says. “He’s never been happier with his hair and has been generating a lot of talk about the service with clients.”

Orlandi also has seen a rise in requests for smoothing from his male clients. “Men are really taking care of themselves more and trying new things,” he observes. “I’m doing quite a bit of smoothing on my male clients. AGSS is great because there’s no downtime and the Curl Controller option lets me get them in and out quickly.”

A color perk-up for men

Dobbert says that a color tweak can be just the thing for a man’s summer style: “Just adding a slight change, a level either lighter or darker, to their natural hair color, gives our ‘KeraMen’ a color-enhanced style perfect for summer.”

Continues Dobbert: “Using KeraHold® and KeraBrilliance™ can add dimension to their style. A few slices of dimensional color, or balayage technique of hand-painted sections, placed in the length of the hair in the top crown and front fringe area can freshen his look for the summer months and show off his textured style.”

John McGarry mens hairstyle summer color
Summer color on a male client by John McGarry


John McGarry, a stylist at Blo It Out in Astoria, NY, also likes to give his men a customized color using Keratin Complex Color Therapy™ for brilliant shine and depth. “I love when my male clients get color!” he says.

Highlights in the hair

McGarry also likes to use a multi-process technique that includes highlights. First, he’ll apply KeraHold in several tones of brown (for instance, medium brown, medium ash brown and medium golden brown), then add highlights in a balayage technique using It’s a Blonde Thing™, and finish with a glaze of KeraBrilliance (such as light ash brown).

Orlandi says that he has always encouraged his guys to get highlights during the summer, “and this year has been exceptionally fun! Of course I'm using It’s a Blonde Thing lightener, but I’m also getting creative with Metamorfix™; I'm finding the copper and violet pigments to be the most popular.”

Dimensional color with copper- or violet-tinged highlights? Check. Controlled texture? Check. What else have we missed in men’s hairstyle trends? Let us know! Share your favorite summer styles with us! Post photos on Facebook or Intagram: #keratincomplex