With men just as style-conscious as women these days, it’s important to stay abreast of current hair trends for the male consumer.

“Men’s grooming has changed drastically over the years,” notes Paul Dobbert, a Keratin Complex® educator and owner of Tangles Hair Lounge in Riverside, CA. “Now, trends in men’s style, color, and texture dictate what my male clients want every time they sit in my chair.”

So, we checked in with Keratin Complex stylists around the country to get a sense of what’s happening in men’s hairstyling today. Here’s our report on the best male hairstyles for 2016 (and beyond):

Mens hair cuts 2016Men's hairstyles by Celia Cox.


Longer, textured men’s styles

One of the biggest trends our stylists are seeing is that men are growing out their hair.

“I’m definitely seeing long hair on men,” says Steve Statland, owner of Chop Chop Bang Bang in Asbury Park, NJ.

“I see many men wanting to shift from the ‘high and tight’ style, to a more ‘low and flow’ look, meaning lower weight lines in haircuts and a longer, textured style,” observes Paul.

At Blo It Out Salon in Astoria, NY, “the 2016 trend for men seems to be buzzed sides with a pompadour top,” says owner Gina Almona.

“More men are wanting disconnected fades,” observes Celia Cox, owner of Celia’s Hair Works in Myrtle Beach, SC. By that, she means “very tight on the bottom, fading up to this crazy amount of hair that can be styled multiple ways!”

Mens hair keratin treatmentsBefore and after a smoothing service by Paul Dobbert.


More control with their hair

Men are also expressing a desire to look more polished and groomed.

Paul recently had a client come in who was growing out his thick, curly hair. “Knowing his natural texture was hard to control, he often found himself wearing a hat most days; so, I offered him a solution with Keratin Complex,” Paul says. “Using the Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System, I was able to give him control of his hair and allow him to have styles he never thought he could.”

At Tina’s Hair Affair in Lake George, NY, owner Tina Cacckello also uses Smoothing Therapy keratin treatments to tame her long-haired male clients’ hair.

For instance, a young man named Anthony, who is a busy college student, loved the results from a previous smoothing treatment with Express Blow Out™, but he didn’t like the waiting period afterward for getting his hair wet. But with Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System, Tina was able to give Anthony the smoothness and frizz-control he loves, without the wait.

“It was a perfect choice,” Tina says. “He was so happy with the results!”

Subtle shifts in men’s hair color

“In color trends, men are turning to lighter and softer-toned color that complements a more naturally groomed style,” says Paul, who used KeraHold® permanent color on his smoothing client to take his hair from a natural black to a softer dark brown.

With this service combination of hair color and AGSS, Paul says, “I was able to facilitate my client’s desire of growing his hair longer with a controlled style and a fresh new color.”

Celia says that many of her male clients are requesting color that enhances their gray or adds more “pepper to their salt.” The most important factor for these clients is that it looks natural, she adds. “They don’t want that I-just-got-my-hair-colored look.”

Among Celia’s younger male clientele, more adventurousness reigns. For example, a new client named Sixto was referred to Celia by one of her regular clients. He came in requesting a trendy pompadour-like style with denim blue in his hair—something his previous stylist had not been able to achieve to his satisfaction.

“I felt that anyone could lighten a few pieces and throw some blue on it,” Celia recalls. “But I wanted to give him a signature look where it would be hard to duplicate the formula and technique if you didn’t have the eye for it.”

So, she pre-lightened Sixto’s pompadour area and then sliced in formulas of KeraHold in dark slate blue, violet pearl blonde, and ash blue, in a way to add both depth and reflective pieces to the base color.

Reports Celia: “He loved it! I got a call from the girl that referred him that day about how happy he was.”

More interest in hair care and maintenance

Keratin Complex stylists also report that their male clients are more willing to invest in their hair by purchasing take-home products that are recommended to them.

“I tell them that the right shampoo is vital to maintaining their treatments,” Tina says. She always recommends products from Keratin Complex—such as Keratin Care or Keratin Color Care shampoo and conditioner, which are formulated specifically for the smoothing client.

Tina’s young client, Anthony, even bought Keratin Complex’s popular blow-dry aid, Infusion Keratin Replenisher, when she explained how it could help keep his hair smooth and frizz-free.