“The best thing about Keratin Complex is all the amazing support you get from other stylists and from the whole education staff in general.”

Keratin Complex® stylists are nothing if not passionate about the brand—our company, products and services.

But don’t take our word for it: Here are testimonials from professionals across the country, sharing why they love Keratin Complex:

“I believe that Keratin Complex has given me the tools to do my job of making people beautiful, sexy, and gorgeous on a completely different level, and it also sets me apart from all the others. My customer retention has been amazing and my referrals have gone through the roof.

“The best thing about Keratin Complex is all the amazing support you get from other stylists and from the whole education staff in general. I have never felt so excited about my job and about the color and education I receive on a daily basis by keeping up with the Facebook pages and the Instagram feed—you name it and it’s there.”

Amber Rice, Bossier City, LA

Deb Gavin Color TherapyKeratin Complex education includes demos and classes from Deb Gavin,
International Artistic Director for Color Therapy™.

“Back in 2007, my sales rep brought the then-new Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment in and told me what it did and how great it was. He invited me to a class to learn more about it.

“When I saw what happens to your hair and how it felt, I knew I had to get my hands on it. I bought the intro kit right then. Once I found a willing participant/victim, I was hooked, and so was she! I knew that I wanted to know more.

“I have to believe in a product to promote it and educate people about it. I have to be passionate about what I'm teaching. Keratin Complex fits that requirement perfectly.

I kept forwarding my resume to Keratin Complex … and was finally hired on as an educator.

“Keratin Complex has been an amazing company to work with and for. I hope to continue my career with them for many years. Who knows what might be in store for me?”

Paul Orlandi, Mayfield Heights, OH

“Keratin Complex is the only complete line of products that I have used the makes the hair feel softer, look shinier, and become healthier the more you use them. The color gives such vibrant long-lasting results without compromising the client’s hair.”

Celia Shields, Myrtle Beach, SC

Keratin Complex Color TherapyKeratin Complex's professional hair color delivers true-to-swatch results.

“My clients’ hair always leaves happier than when it came in. I attribute that all to the Keratin Complex line. Start to finish, it has the integrity of the hair as its main priority without sacrificing a true-to-swatch outcome. I feel honored to be an educator for such a wonderful line, and cannot wait to see where the company takes us in the beautiful world of hair!”

Carleigh Niedzwiedz, Greenfield, MA

“What I love the most about Keratin Complex Color Therapy™ is that it is really focused on having healthy, strong, shiny hair without compromising the brightness or longevity of the color—whether that be your everyday soccer mom with spiced-up brown hair or the guests that come in craving fashion colors. I know that by using this color line, I can effortlessly customize color and exceed the needs of any guest that sits in my chair.”

Chanelle Kareta, Chicopee, MA

“I literally love everything about Keratin Complex. I carry each and every product in my salon—from retail and color, to round brushes and blow-dryers! I have never been disappointed by any of their products. My guests love KC, which makes me love it even more!!”

Hannah Stark, Hendersonville, TN

“I love Keratin Complex and all its products. I also love a company that pushes stylists to be different and try something new in this industry.”

Chris “Honeybee” Stanton, Providence, RI

Keratin Complex Style TherapyThe Keratin Complex line includes keratin-infused styling products
to help deliver gorgeous hair results, every time.

“I love the diversity of the Keratin Complex line: You can create so many different looks with these products. Additionally, I love that the company takes so much care in the formulation of its products. No matter what service is done, the integrity of the hair is left intact and the hair looks and feels just as—if not more—shiny and healthy as before. There are so many different avenues possible with the line, which means we can cater to the needs of every client.”

Amanda Lawson, Chattanooga, TN

“It is rare to find a line of color and/or products that actually work well, and we find that everything from Keratin Complex is a home run. It’s perfect for our clients, as we live on an island and the air is very salty. Frizz is always a problem, so we LOVE our keratin treatments!”

Seniel Hannagan,  Vineyard Haven, MA

“I love Keratin Complex’s color. It’s so rich and creamy and makes the hair silky smooth. I also find it to be long-lasting with lots of pigment. I also love the lightener; it’s my favorite to balayage with. I find all of their products to work amazingly. My hair feels so much healthier after using the products.”

Riley Pickett, Worcester, MA

Keratin Complex red hair colorColor Therapy colors are known to be vibrant and long-lasting, especially the reds.

“I use the whole line. I’m able to offer what every client needs to reach his/her hair goals. That’s my favorite thing about Keratin Complex. I've been asked whether I would change color lines again. My answer is, ‘No’!”

Jessica Spencer Poor, Weatherford, OK

“I love Keratin Complex because they believe in everything that they do. It is one of the only product lines that I have ever been introduced to in all of my years being a client and a stylist that actually performs as it says it will.

“Keratin Complex is so versatile! I can do anything I could ever imagine with this line as far as color and smoothing go, and I can provide any style with the styling products and tools. I love using Keratin Complex behind the chair, and I love being an educator for Keratin Complex to teach others about the line and spread my Keralove all over!”

Makayla Robinson, Florence, KY