Note from the KeraGirls: This blog, part of our KC Pro series, contains behind-the-chair tips and tricks to help our stylists sharpen their skills.

Keratin Complex® stylists already know that they have a leg-up on the competition just by offering our innovative keratin smoothing, color and styling products and services in their salon.

But, to help foster even more loyalty and positive word of mouth from your clientele, we’ve gathered some insider secrets on delivering the very best Keratin Complex service possible. Read on for tips and tricks for using various products, along with a few creative “hacks” that come in handy for certain situations.

(Warning: These tips are intended for professional, in-salon use only and should not be attempted at home. For our in-home beauty hacks using Keratin Complex products, please click here.)

Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy

Keratin treatment tips

The most important thing is to choose the right treatment for the client’s needs and hair type. Be sure to reference the Keratin Complex Smoothing Training Manual for the features and benefits of the four smoothing treatments we carry: Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment, NKST for Blonde Hair, Express Blow Out™ and Advanced Glycolic Smoothing Treatment.

Below are some other insights gleaned from the pros’ experience with Smoothing Therapy:

“The keratin smoothing treatments are great for lighter hair, because they keep the hair looking frizz-free and shiny without changing the tone of the color, especially on blondes.”

Diana Arvizu, Salon Platinum, Aliso Viejo, CA

“My favorite product is the Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment! I deal with a lot of coarse hair, so it definitely makes my job a lot easier. I love doing blowouts and styling hair, so the fact that with the treatment it cuts the drying time in half is a huge help.”

Renee Segura, Encore Hair Studio, Torrance, CA

Express Blow Out is my absolute favorite product. It has ability to impeccably smooth the hair and, at the same time, retain its volume.”

Veronika M., Salon Rush, West Bloomfield, MI

“I use Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System to smooth and soften beards.”*

Daniel Carter, Keratin Complex Elite Inspiration Team member

Keratin Complex bond rebuilder

Bond rebuilder tips

Our stylists agree that Vitalshot™ Bond Rebuilder is the must-have tool for helping strengthen damaged hair. It can be used in a wide variety of applications to help boost the service ticket. Here are just some examples:

“Those are little vials of heaven! They totally transform the hair! I always mix them into my It’s a Blonde Thing™ formulas. Also, my guests can take them home* for a deep conditioning treatment in-between visits!

Hannah Stark, Stark Parlour, Hendersonville, TN

“Not only is Vitalshot super conditioning, but I can mix it in ANY color formulation without it slowing down the processing time or affecting the outcome. Same with adding it to masques or It's a Blonde Thing. Also, the fact you can use it as a leave-in or blow-dry it into the hair is not only more efficient, but also a great add-on from a business standpoint.”

Chris “Honeybee” Stanton, Lavish Salon, Providence, RI

“As a stylist, having another tool to push the limit a little more with color and lightening services without compromising hair health is a huge deal. I also love that my guests see instant results and are immediately hooked. It leaves them wanting to know more about the Express Blow Out or Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment—which ends up increasing my revenue.”

Chanelle Kareta, Serenity Salon and Spa, Chicopee, MA

“I have had multiple guests who have struggled with damaged hair, and once I fully understood what Vitalshot could do and how to properly use it, I set them up on a regimen that gives the most immediate results I have ever seen. I always use Vitalshot in their color and lightener, follow up with Blondeshell® Masque Debrass & Brighten Deep Keratin Treatment, and finish the service with a Vitalshot directly on the hair. I also have them come in for a Vitalshot treatment in between color services. My guests are thrilled with their results, and they love Vitalshot!”

Makayla Robinson, Salon Obsession, Florence, KY

Keratin Complex hair color

Hair color tips

Colorists who have discovered Keratin Complex Color Therapy™ have become passionate converts. Our line of keratin-enhanced professional hair color truly delivers radiant, long-lasting results that clients absolutely love. The collection includes KeraHold® Keratin-Enhanced Permanent Crème Hair Color, KeraBrilliance™ Demi-Glaze Liquigel Color, Demi-Glaze Keratin-Enhanced Demi-Permanent Hair Color, Metamorfix™ Extreme Direct Pigments and It’s a Blonde Thing™ Keratin Lightening System®.

Here are some creative ways that Keratin Complex pros have used some of these products:

“Tip for extension clients: When the extensions start to feel dry, tangly, or difficult to style, put a clear KeraBrilliance overlay on them to bring them back to life! The results will give the client silkier, smoother ends so that they can be easily styled!”

Ciara Cipriano, Keratin Complex Elite Inspiration Team member

“I love Demi-Glaze. It’s an essential tool for permanent toning, offering maximum control and tonal deposit. The 10.2/10V (Ultra-Light Violet Blonde) is ideal for today’s silver fashion looks, and the 000/Clear is great as a stand-alone or to dilute any shade, offering a vast array of color possibilities.”

Len Leon, Elite Inspiration Team artist

Keratin Complex Timeless Color

Back-bar tips

Below are some ways to make your backbar service go smoothly:

“For my clients with long hair that constantly tangles, Timeless Color™ Shampoo and Conditioner have been my go-to products that build back the keratin into my clients’ hair while saving precious time, because I no longer find myself spending several minutes detangling knotty hair at the back bar!”

Ciara Cipriano, Fresh Hair Studio, Southampton, PA

Infusion Keratin Replenisher goes on every guest after a shampoo, and I have a hard time keeping it on the shelf.”

Crystal Ledford Judd, Five Salon Suites, Hoover, AL

Keratin Complex styling line

Styling tips

For the perfect finish to every styling service, our Style Therapy and Infusion Therapy lines have just the right keratin-enhanced product for every need—from blow-dry aids to hair-setting sprays. Besides the usual uses, here are several handy “hacks” to keep in mind:

“For me, holiday hair means va-va-volume! When I am styling for an event or holiday party, Lift Off Root Amplifying Styling Gel gives me incredible boost at the root that my clients really appreciate—especially when their style stays all night long!”

Amanda Intoccia, Bamboo Salon, Staten Island, NY

“I can't keep Kerabalm 3-in-1 Multi-Benefit Hair Balm on the shelf! The versatility is amazing. I prefer it dry, but some of my clients use it on their damp hair. It's just the right amount of hold and weight ... and of course, it has keratin in it, so it’s good for you!”

Paul Orlandi, Meraki Hair Studio, Mayfield Heights, OH

“For detangling extensions, nothing works better than KeraWhip® Hydrating Cream Conditioner!I just put KeraWhip on the extensions in a container filled with water and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then, I just gently comb out the tangles from the ends up. It really works amazingly.”

Nisha Patel, Keratin Complex Inspiration Team member

Infusion Keratin Replenisher can be used so many different ways … for blow-drying, to help smooth out new growth, to increase the longevity of a keratin treatment, for a natural-curl day or to fight frizz without blow-drying. I can’t live without it!”

Shawn Strickland, Shawn the Hair Doc, Dallas, TX

*These tips were developed by stylists in the field and have not been officially endorsed by Keratin Complex.