Note from the KeraGirls: This blog, part of our KC Pro series, contains business-building advice for our stylists and salons.

One of the best ways for a salon to stand out is to offer something special—something out of the ordinary that competitors don’t have. And the Keratin Complex® Signature Event program featuring the Day of Indulgence offers just such an opportunity!

From the handy Beauty is Indulgence event-in-a-box, which contains key products as well as useful collateral materials, to ideas for customizing a Day of Indulgence promotion to suit your needs, Keratin Complex is here to make sure that your special event is a spectacular success!

“This program was developed as part of Keratin Complex’s pledge to provide 360 degrees of support to our salon and stylist partners,” says Keratin Complex Brand Manager Zoe Hyams. “We want to make it as easy as possible for them to thrive in their business.”

In addition to introducing newcomers to the wonders of Keratin Complex while also rewarding loyal customers, these signature events can create considerable buzz for your salon and help contribute to its long-term viability.

Here are some tips from Keratin Complex pros, as well as insights from salons that have thrown their own successful Day of Indulgence events. More details, including downloadable collateral and a great how-to DOI video, can be found in our Business-Building section.

Keratin Complex event receptionA colorful parrot greets visitors at New Concepts Hair Salon in Forked River, NJ, during its Day at the Beach event.

Steps for holding a signature event in the salon

1. Establish a theme. The first step is to determine a time and theme for your event. A holiday like Mother’s Day, of course, is the simplest and most obvious thing to hinge a signature event upon. But you could also do one celebrating a season, such as summer, or do a fun twist on the ladies-only concept—like a “football widows” party on the first day of the pro football season.

2. Decide on the promotions. Next, figure out what offerings you want to feature during the event. “Some salons will focus on service sales and others on retail or both,” notes Christina Schepart, a Northeast district sales and education manager for Keratin Complex. For instance, you may want to offer conditioning or keratin treatments at a discount, or concentrate on blow-dry services with corresponding sales from our Style Therapy line.

Be sure to stock up on all the items you will be selling; your distributor or sales rep should be able to help you figure out correct amounts to order should you need some guidance.

3. Get the word out! “When creating an event, make sure your guests know ahead of time to give them the option of pre-booking,” Christina says. “Don’t forget about social media and emails to invite your clients.”

Use the salon as a billboard, as well. “Prior to the event, post signs about it at the stylist stations, and have everyone talk about it,” advises Pat Laferle, a Keratin Complex district and sales manager in the Midwest.

4. Train the team. It is crucial that everyone knows event details such as how much each service/retail product is and what the end goals are. “Conduct a quick salon meeting within a week of the event,” Christina suggests. Also, “Have each staff member log on to www.keratincomplex.com and check out the DOI how-to video.”

Keratin Complex event receptionistsBamboo Salon receptionist Donna Hersh and manager Gina Maschenic stand ready to greet guests.

5. Set up the salon. Make sure that the event feels special as soon as clients walk in the door. Use theme-appropriate decorations, and prominently display an event Menu of Services at the front of the salon with prices. You may also want to set up a table with featured products and signage.

Another fun and effective trick is to offer refreshments. However, Christina cautions, “don’t overdo it with snacks and drinks.” If you do offer something, she recommends choosing items that will relate to your services. For example, having vanilla coffee with a Masque Maximizer service (featuring Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner), or shots of espresso to go with the Reparative Remedy (Vitalshot™ Bond Rebuilder).

Try to elevate the entire salon atmosphere, Pat suggests. “Remember to please all the senses: sight, smell, touch, sound and taste.”

6. Have fun! This seems obvious, but it’s important to make sure that the positive energy and festive ambiance stay constant throughout the day, infecting stylists and guests alike.

7. Follow up. Don’t just clean up afterward and call it a day. Conduct a post-mortem to see how everything went. Which services were most in-demand? What times were the busiest? Did you have enough of everything? Too much of something? How were sales? “Make sure you track how much retail you sell the day of an event and compare it to a regular day of salon sales,” Christina says.

And, don’t forget the clients! “When the event is over, remember to thank your guests and send them an email or post card inviting them back,” Christina adds.

Here are a couple of real-life examples of how to throw a signature event in your salon:

A salon event to celebrate summertime

At New Concepts, a Keratin Complex Signature Salon in Forked River, NJ, the team threw a “Day at the Beach” in August 2015 that put everyone into summer-vacation mode!

They publicized the event beforehand with word of mouth and Facebook posts, says owner Christine Marino.

Keratin Complex event shelvesKeratin Complex products and beach-themed decorations fill the shelves at New Concepts.

With the help of sales rep Kim McIntyre, the salon was re-envisioned with a beach theme, complete with ocean rafts and beach toys, tropical flora and fauna, and seashells and coral. “It was seriously decorated from ceiling to floor,” Christine says.

Staff and clients even got into the spirit by wearing beach attire—flip-flops, cover-ups, beach hats and tropical-patterned clothing.

Light, refreshing snacks and beverages were served, and Keratin Complex’s summer-friendly products such as Sweet Definition and Infusion were featured. In addition, “We had a special on conditioning treatments, charging $15 instead of $20,” Christina says.

The one-day event was such a hit that the salon ended up extending it through the weekend.

A successful end-of-year salon event

Bamboo Salon in Staten Island, NY, has held several well-received Days of Indulgence, including for one for Mother’s Day last year.

They also had a holiday-themed event in early December, where they offered enhanced keratin services to guests, as well as a 20-percent-off promo for Keratin Complex take-home products.

“We went with a wintery white theme,” says salon co-owner Amanda Intoccio. “We hung big paper pompoms throughout the front of the salon. We also set up a long table in the front waiting area with lots of sweets and treats that corresponded with each Day of Indulgence product.”

Keratin Complex event tableA table is filled with themed treats and beverages at the Bamboo Salon event.

Among those treats were sparkling wine infused with strawberries for Infusion Keratin Replenisher, vanilla cupcakes to complement Vanilla Bean, Hershey’s Kisses for the Intense Rx® Keratin Repair Serum (“because chocolate fixes everything!”) and a martini glass full of whipped cream for KeraWhip® Hydrating Cream Conditioner.

In addition, they raffled off a gift basket of Keratin Complex goodies worth $100-plus, and gave a ticket to anyone who purchased KC retail. Consequently, sales of Keratin Complex products accounted for 68% of their retail sales that day.

“I will definitely do more of these in the future,” Amanda says. “It’s a nice way to treat the guests to a little something special and make them feel important.”

And there you have it—the steps for throwing a Day of Indulgence that will be a day to remember! Don’t forget to check out the Keratin Complex website for more how-to information and handy materials.