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“I am grateful for all the opportunities I have had for both teaching and learning.”

Happy holidays from our KeraFamily to yours! Since it’s important this time of year to take a moment to acknowledge all there is to be thankful for in our lives (while also looking ahead to the New Year), we decided to do just that.

We’ve turned this blog over to our Keratin Complex® pros for individual responses to these two statements:

  • What I’m most thankful for this holiday season.
  • What I look most forward to for the New Year.

Without further ado, here are their responses:

KC pros give thanks and share their hopes

“I am thankful for my clients who became friends, who eventually became family and supported me through my journey in opening up my own salon. I'm thankful for their loyalty and patience, and I appreciate every single one of them from ages 1 to 99!

I’m thankful for my family for supporting my dreams and being flexible with my new schedule as salon owner and Keratin Complex educator. I hope they know that in the end, they’re the reason I do it all!

“Oh, the possibilities! I’m looking forward to where my new position with Keratin Complex takes me, the people I’ll meet, the relationships that will continue to grow, and the experience/ knowledge I’ll learn along the way. I am looking forward to watching my daughter Emilie finish her first year at school (kindergarten!) and her sister grow as she approaches her 2nd birthday.”

-- Carleigh Niedzwiedz, Lavish The Salon, Greenfield, MA, & KC educator

“What I’m most thankful for this holiday season and every day: the love and support from my family, friends, and clients.

“What I look forward to in the New Year: that the world finds a place in their hearts, to love, respect, and be compassionate to all, regardless of our differences. Love is Love.”

-- Niki Galanomatis, Blo it Out, New York, NY, & KC educator

“I am most thankful to have an incredibly talented group of stylists at our salon. Each woman brings her own charm to our team; altogether, the result is fun and phenomenal.

“I look forward to the freshness of a New Year. It’s an opportunity to learn from last year’s mistakes and grow!”

-- Alisa Piatt, Element Salon, Garner, NC, & KC educator

“This holiday season I am thankful for a career that allows me to use my creative abilities and make people feel good at the same time.

“What I look forward to most next year is becoming a mother, holding my son for the very first time.”

-- Christina Schepart, KC Regional Education Manager

“I am grateful for family and friends. It is the people in my life that make it even better. I am also grateful for all the opportunities I have had for both teaching and learning. (I am also thankful I don’t live where I have to shovel snow anymore!)

I am looking forward to new adventures in 2017 and hopefully spending more time at the beach. I spent a good part of 2016 getting settled in a new area and getting to know new people and am ready to spend some time enjoying Florida.”

-- Melissa Johnson, J&G the Beauty Loft, West Palm Beach, FL, & KC educator

“This holiday season I’m thankful for all my clients—new ones and the ones who have been with me for some time now.

“What I look most forward to in the New Year is growing my family and welcoming our baby in June!”

-- Diana Arvizu, Salon Platinum, Aliso Viejo, CA

“I am most thankful for all my wonderful friends who are always so supportive of me. It comforts me that I always have lots of love and support whenever I need it. I do not take it for granted, as so many may not have that many that they can count on in their time of need.

“In the New Year I am most excited to continue to work with salon professionals around the country building their confidence and helping them see their potential to live better. I am so lucky to get to do a job that leaves me feeling fulfilled and that I get to touch so many lives in a positive way.”

-- Daniel Carter, KC Education Manager

“I’m most thankful for being at a place in my life where I feel like everything will be okay. It’s such a simple thing, but I noticed it stopped me before from really living. I love that I get to meet people every day and hear their stories. I’m thankful for the supportive people in my life and the memories they leave with me.

“I look forward to 2017 because 2016 was so insightful. I am excited to grow, to learn and to live life.”

-- Nisha Patel, KC Education Manager