Across the country, Keratin Complex® stylists are busy helping their clients begin 2016 refreshed and renewed—at least, as far as their hair goes!

Whether doing a radical transformation or a subtler shift to someone’s hairstyle, these pros are making sure their clients truly get a fresh start for the New Year! Read on for some New Year makeover inspiration of your own …

Before-and-after the balayage service by Crystal Judd.

Balayage and Vitalshot for ‘sun-kissed’ blonde

Crystal Ledford Judd, a stylist at Five Salon Suites in Hoover, AL, gave a new client named Jen a beautiful, soft balayage, after Jen had admired the hair of another of Crystal’s clients and asked where she had it done. (Word of mouth is a frequent source of new business for Keratin Complex stylists!).

Jen is a busy nurse who was coloring her hair for the first time in years. “During the consultation, she informed me that she wanted something subtle—but noticeable—that is low-maintenance,” Crystal says. “So I told her that balayage would do just that!”

Using Keratin Complex’s It’s a Blonde ThingTM lightener mixed with a Vitalshot bond rebuilder, Crystal “painted” Jen’s hair using a classic balayage freehand technique and let it process for 50 minutes.

“Jen absolutely loves her hair,” Crystal reports. “She’s a busy mom who is expecting, and she needed something pretty, fashionable, and low-maintenance. This definitely delivered. In fact, she told me she was definitely getting a babysitter for the night because her hair was too pretty to have dinner at home!”

Before and after a service by Toney Wilson.

Color Therapy and keratin smoothing for a true transformation

In Albuquerque, NM, Laru Ni Hati Hair Salon stylist Toney Wilson gave one client with unruly, dull brown hair an incredible makeover using Keratin Complex products and services.

Toney started the service by coloring Loubna’s hair with KeraHold® in a combination of medium brown and light caramel brown. He then added highlights with It’s a Blonde thing mixed with Vitalshot, before toning the entire head with KeraHold in light blonde mixed with KeraBrillianceTM in lightest violet blonde and Demi-Glaze clear.

He finished the service using our signature smoothing treatment to seal in the color and add incredible shine. Toney’s simple comment when he posted the results on Facebook said it all: “Hello, makeover!”

Before and after a service by Rachel Chambers.

KeraHold and Metamorfix for a gorgeous red-to-orange ombre

At Identity Salon in Stanwood, WA, stylist Rachel Chambers gave one of her regular clients a much-needed new start for the New Year.

The client, Shauna, is an “adventurous client” who sees Rachel for hair color about four times a year. “She is going through a lot right now and needed something new and refreshing,” Rachel reports, “so she decided to do something new with her hair.”

Shauna had been wearing her hair in a reverse ombre (with the darker color on the bottom), but Rachel decided to mix it up by doing a “color melt” technique for a red-to-orange effect.

She began by evening out the canvas with It’s a Blonde Thing, then painted on KeraHold (in two shades of dark blonde violet) on the upper part of the hair to the mid-length, adding lightener to the ends for a lighter effect. Then she applied Metamorfix Extreme Direct Pigments in red violet from root to end and toned the ends with KeraHold Modifier in copper pearl.

“Her reaction was awesome,” Rachel says. “She has a very sparkling personality, so to see her so down when she came in was hard to take. But she came right back when she saw her hair!”

Before and after a service by Angie Kustic.

It’s a Blonde Thing and Express Blow Out for flattering gray coverage

Angie Kustic, a Keratin Complex educator and stylist at Grassroots Salon in Appleton, WI, gave a youthful new vibe to a woman named Dawn, whom Angie has known for years but had never seen in her chair before.

“As long as I’ve known her, she’s had the same dull brown, frizzy hair,” Angie says. “But lately, she’s been complaining to me about her grays and the texture of her hair.” Finally, Dawn decided to take Angie’s advice and came in to see her.

“I thought that if we lightened up some of her hair and glazed it with an ashy blonde tone, it would help break up that hard line between her gray outgrowth and her brown ends,” Angie says. So, she applied It’s a Blonde Thing and Vitalshot in a balayage technique, foiling a few small sections around the face.

Angie liked the results so much that she didn’t even need to apply the toner, but did follow up the color service with a keratin treatment using Keratin Complex’s Express Blow Out, “to help improve the condition of her hair from years of coloring and also to help smooth down the texture of her frizzy gray hair.”

Says Angie: “She was extremely happy with her new updated, healthy, shiny look!”