'I have beautiful hair and I love it!! It has been the crowning glory on my other transformations.'
-- Debra Kurtz

Four years ago, Debra Kurtz of Troy, MI, embarked upon a serious self-improvement program. The busy registered nurse gave up wheat, sugar and alcohol—along with the cigarette habit she kicked a decade ago—and lost 105 pounds. “I became a health food nut and a yoga addict,” she says. “I'm into clean living now.”

But it was a little bit more difficult for this hard-working, married mother of three (including two teenage boys) to get a handle on her hair. “I’m a curly, frizzy-headed girl who always wished for smooth and silky long hair,” Deb, 51, laments.

Keratin Complex makeover Deb before
Deb Kurtz before her Keratin Complex® makeover


And while she had had some “bad” salon experiences in the past, that all changed the moment she put her hair in the hands of seasoned pro Pat Laferle, a hairstylist at Spa Renaissance in Troy as well as a Keratin Complex educator.

For the past two years, Pat has helped give Deb her dream hair by regularly using Keratin Complex keratin smoothing treatments, Color Therapy™ hair color to help cover her grays (with becoming brunette shades and highlights), and Vitalshot™ keratin bond-building treatments to help strengthen and fortify her hair.

After Deb’s first Smoothing Therapy treatment, Pat recalls, “she was almost in tears because she finally got the hair she always wanted. She has worked very hard to get healthy, lose weight and look good—but her hair just never fit the transition that her body and life were undergoing.”

“I always had dry, frizzy, unmanageable, broken-off hair,” notes Deb. And now, “I have beautiful hair and I love it!! It has been the crowning glory on my other transformations, and I’m no longer a slave to the flat iron!”

Deb after a Keratin Complex hair service by Pat Laferle


Since that first hair transformation, Deb says, “I sit in Pat’s chair with total trust. We never really even talk about what she is going to do. She just does it! And I'm always very happy with the result.”

Deb is such a fan of Keratin Complex that she maintains her hair with our products, too. “That’s all I use,” she says, “and my hair is proof that they deliver.” Although hard-pressed to name a “favorite” Keratin Complex take-home product, she does mention Infusion Keratin Replenisher, Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner and KeraWhip® Hydrating Cream Conditioner as three must-haves to keep her hair shiny and healthy looking.

Says Pat: “I’m glad for her and glad to be part of making someone feel so good about herself. Our self esteem starts with how we look and feel about ourselves.”

And, for Deb, these are transformations that she vows are going to stick: “I could never go back to weighing 264 pounds, just as I can never go back to being the frizzy-headed girl. Besides having the hair I want, it is manageable and affordable!”