Photo by Carleigh Niedzwiedz

Across the country, our pros are helping perk up their clientele with fresh new looks, from radical color changes to subtler style updates. Read on for a few examples, and find some inspiration for a winter makeover of your own!

KeraHold® and It’s a Blonde Thing™ for a balayage brunette

Keratin Complex brunette

At Bella Viaggio Hair Salon in Newfoundland, NJ, colorist Amanda Umbach gave salon co-owner Tracey a winter makeover that updated her brunette color.

“She was light copper brown all over for a long time and wanted something a little different,” Amanda says.

Because Tracey wanted to keep some of the red tones in her hair, Amanda did a two-step process. First, she used a “color melt” technique to apply a KeraHold formula in medium brown and light caramel brown that was “similar to her natural hair color,” yielding a soft roots effect.

Next, Amanda balayaged It’s a Blonde Thing lightener on a few sections of hair “to give her a little dimension throughout the sides and crown.”

And Tracey’s reaction? “She loved it! It was a big change for her, so she is having fun with it.”

New looks for the New Year with Color Therapy™ tools

Keratin Complex fashion shades

Chasitee Tirey Dutton, a stylist at a Keratin Complex Signature Salon called Studio 64 in Jasper, AL, has been using Color Therapy to deliver New Year transformations to her clients—from balayage blondes and brunettes to fashion colors.

On a client named Heather, she achieved a smoky purple that matched the Pinterest look that Heather had brought with her. “I researched the Keratin Complex website and Facebook group, and saw this formula,” Chasitee recalls. First, she lightened the canvas to a pale yellow with It’s a Blonde Thing, then applied a mixture of the KeraHold Modifier violet ash and Intensifier violet.

“She loved it,” Chasitee reports. “We were both very pleased!”

For blonde client Kaci Jo, Chasitee freshened her look by creating “heavy highlights” using It’s a Blonde Thing, and then applying rose gold (KeraHold copper pearl Modifier plus a smidgen of light golden blonde) to several underneath pieces.

The result, as always, was spot-on, says Chasitee: “I didn’t even have to tone it!”

KeraHold and KeraBrilliance™ for blonde-to-brunette change

Color Therapy transformation

“I’ve had a lot of clients asking to ‘winterize’ their look, which always makes for a fun transformation,” says Carleigh Niedzwiedz, a Keratin Complex educator and co-owner of Lavish the Salon in Greenfield, MA.

For instance, she delivered a remarkable light-to-dark look to a “super blonde fanatic” client named Katie, who had “finally decided it was time for a big change and to give her hair a break on the lightening services.”

Because Carleigh uses Color Therapy on her clients, Katie’s hair was in phenomenal shape. However, Katie was getting tired of dealing with the line of demarcation between her new growth and her blonde. “So we decided to go closer to her natural hair color without compromising depth and style.”

Carleigh first applied a base formula of KeraHold in light caramel brown, light brown and medium golden brown (for controlled warmth and depth). Then, she foiled in a KeraBrilliance mixture of medium blonde and medium violet gold blonde “to give her a softer blonde variation in her base color,” and went back in with the base formula between foils. This technique helped keep the lighter strands away from the root area, Carleigh notes, to give a softer end result that “won’t show a line of demarcation as quickly.”

A choppy trim later, plus styling with Infusion Keratin Replenisher, Sweet Definition Texturizing Sugar Mist and Glowtion Potion Styling Oil, and … voila! A winterized lob that Katie was delighted with.

Color Therapy for a gorgeous rose gold

Keratin Complex rose gold

In Plainville, CT, stylist Emily Carlson had used It’s a Blonde Thing to give summer highlights to a young guest named Alexis at Mari J Salon, a Keratin Complex Signature Salon.

The Canadian teenager was in town again over the holidays, and came back into the salon with a handful of photos “ranging from bright copper to soft pastel rose gold,” Emily says. “She had a lot of ideas going in a lot of different directions, but knew she didn’t want to look too bright or bubble gum.”

At first, they decided to go with a traditional strawberry blonde, which Emily achieved using KeraHold in medium caramel blonde and dark blonde, “painted in a shadow root to blend her old highlights from the summer.” She then glazed it with light caramel copper blonde mixed with lightest copper gold blonde plus copper pearl and violet ash Modifiers.

“It was a beautiful coppery strawberry blonde,” Emily recalls. “But after all that, she decided she wanted to see more pink rose gold.”

After explaining that soft pastels tend to fade more quickly, Emily convinced Alexis to go with a deeper tone “so the color would have a longer life.” She applied an overlay formula of KeraBrilliance Clear mixed with Metamorfix™ direct pigments in extreme red violet and extreme red and let it process fully.

“I’m happy to say after all that, she loves it!” says Emily.