In case there’s any question whether consumers are getting bolder in their hair color choices, just take a look at a trend we’ve detected among Keratin Complex® salons: striped hair!

Whereas hair color goals in the past were mostly aimed at either looking totally “natural” (with the use of highlights, techniques such as ecaille, and the like) or totally “fashion” (such as bright colors or trend shades such as rose gold), the striated look seems to combine these two goals in a new and exciting way.

The cool thing about striped hair is that it can utilize any number of color combinations—from brown tones such as honey, chocolate and caramel, to fashion colors such as purples and greens—with placements that can be either in-your-face or more subtle and mutable.

Read on for some examples of this exciting new trend, striped hair!

KeraHold® for copper and caramel stripes

Color Therapy striped hairStriped hair by Melissa Salvas.

At Creative Corner Family Hair Salon in Coventry, RI, stylist Melissa Salvas gave her regular client Leanne a stunning striped hair look using a multi-step process with Keratin Complex Color Therapy™ tools.

“She was looking for a change with multi-colors,” notes Melissa, who was only too happy to oblige.

First, Melissa touched up Leann’s regrowth with her natural light brown, while also applying alternate foils in KeraHold light red brown. After that was washed out and the hair was dried, Melissa lightened sections in foils using Keratin Complex It’s a Blonde Thing™ Keratin Lightening System®. She then toned the head with KeraHold in medium blonde.

“I did the red first so it wouldn’t bleed into any of the blonde hair during the rinsing process,” Melissa explains about her striped hair technique. “It came out great, and she loved it! She got tons of compliments on it.”

Color Therapy for a subtle striped hair result

Paul Dobbert striped hairBefore and after a striated color service by Paul Dobbert.

Paul Dobbert, owner of Tangles Hair Lounge in Riverside, CA, and a Keratin Complex Inspiration Team member, got a two-toned  striped effect that he described as an “amped up curtain of color” on his regular client Maren.

“She has recently been interested in experimenting with adding fashion shades along with her lightening and color services,” says Paul. “By adding a few Keratin Complex fashion shade formulas, I am able to add dimension and interest without covering or reducing what she already likes about her hair.”

Paul touched up Maren’s hair with It’s a Blonde Thing™ lightener, and then applied formulas of our Dare to Be Different fashion shade Snorkel Blue plus a custom-made teal shade using KeraHold and Metamorfix™, in a pattern that allows for a “curtain” of blonde hair to cover the blended fashion shades. As Paul explains, this combination “adds a different dimensional contrast than other shadowing techniques.”

The result, he says, provided a “striping” appearance while giving his client “a modern twist of color to her everyday styles. She loved the results and continues to look for different color combinations for her future appointments.”

More striped hair looks from Keratin Complex stylists

Keratin Complex striped hairBefore and after a brown-toned, striped-hair color service by Blake Adair.

At Cut-N-Up Hair Salon in Warren, TX, stylist Blake Adair took a client from faded, blotchy blonde-and-violet hair to gorgeous streaks of chocolates, caramels and honeys.

Blake evened the canvas with It’s a Blonde Thing and then painted on the various shades using KeraHold formulas. The before-and-after photos truly show a “complete turnaround,” as Blake described it on his social media post about the service. “I enjoyed doing it.”

Heather Dolezal striped hairBefore and after a pastel-toned, striped hair color service by Heather Dolezal.

Meanwhile, Keratin Complex educator Heather Dolezal was having fun with striped hair in fashion shades at her salon, Hot Chops in Omaha, NE.

Heather took a “blah” brunette canvas and lifted the crown to a light blonde and the nape to a dark blonde before applying shades of teal and violet in blended stripes.

For more striped hair inspiration, be sure to check out our feeds on Facebook and Instagram … before heading to your local Keratin Complex stylist and asking for a customized striped hair look of your own!