Yes, pastel hair is still a thing—if an ongoing trend among celebrities is any indication. (Hint: It is.)

And Keratin Complex® stylists are busy giving their clients celeb-inspired pastel hair—from pinks to purples to blues (and everything in between). These softly hued trend colors are the perfect complement for spring!

Check out these examples of pastel hair color for your own seasonal inspiration …

Pink hair with Color Therapy™

A very popular pastel color range is pinks and corals. Even style icon Cate Blanchett, known for her cool blonde locks, was recently spotted on the streets of London with pink hair. (Her colorist told reporters that Cate had wanted to do something fun with her hair, but they decided to wait until after the awards season.)

To satisfy client demands for pastel pink hair, Keratin Complex stylists are utilizing various tools in the Color Therapy arsenal.

pink hair Pastel pink hair by Michele McCord, Rachel Chambers and Matt Denton.


Rachel Chambers, a stylist at Identity Salon in Stanwood, WA, achieved a lovely blending of pink shades on a client who asked for “hot pastel pink.” Rachel first lightened the client’s hair with It’s a Blonde Thing™, then toned it with KeraHold® in violet pearl blonde, applied a formula of violet blue and violet pearl blondes to the nape area, and finally glazed the entire head with KeraBrilliance™ in tones of violet blond and red blonde.

“She love the results,” Rachel says. “She says her hair has never felt so nice and shiny!”

At Renee Family Styling Salon in Gardendale, AL, Matt Denton gave a client named Jennifer streaks of corals, pinks and violets on her platinum blonde hair. He added slices of KeraHold in dark red blonde and dark violet blue blonde, before touching up her regrowth and weaving in blonde tones with It’s a Blonde Thing. “She was absolutely satisfied and sent in her mom to get some of the violet in her hair,” reports Matt.

Meanwhile, Michele McCord, owner of Studio M Hair Design air DeHin Greenville, SC, combined two trends in one with a longtime client name Jenn: pastel hair and ombre hair! “She loves to try new things,” Michele says of her adventuresome client. “She’s game for just about anything and has had just about every color.”

So, Michele lightened Jenn’s shoulder-length hair to an ultralight ash blonde. Then, she feathered the ends with a combination of KeraHold in violet ash and Metamorfix™ Extreme Direct Pigment in red violet.

“She was all over it!” reports Michele. “It was fun, flirty, and classy—just what she was looking for … Plus, she works at a popular motorcycle dealership and I got a lot of new referrals from it!”

KeraHold for purple hair

Keratin Complex stylists are also getting requests for purple hair, from light lilac to darker plums.

purple pastel hairPurple shades from Christina Schepart, Amber Rice and Steve Statland.


Amber Rice, a stylist at Kutters Kabin in Bossier City, LA, recently gave a brunette client lovely red-violet shades by blending her dark brown hair with medium violet mid-length, and red violet blonde “melted” with Metamorfix Extreme Red at the ends.

At True Colors, a Keratin Complex Signature Salon in Mount Holly, NJ, educator Christina Schepart led a hair color class that showed the stylists the wonderful results they could get using Color Therapy tools.

One blonde client/model had asked for “purple or plum hair,” Christina says. So, she applied KeraHold in a formula of violet blue, violet pearl and blue, and the resulting color stunned everyone.

“The salon and client were blown away with clean and vibrant results,” Christina reports. “When she returned four weeks later, she was still a beautiful shade of purple!”

In Asbury Park NJ, Chop Chop Bang Bang owner Steven Statland’s regular client Jessica came in asking for “either a pale blue or pale violet metallic-type of look.” He pre-lightened her hair with It’s a Blonde Thing, and because she has a lot of yellow undertones, he suggested more of a violet-based color.

He applied a formula of KeraHold in ultra-light blonde in ash and violet pearl mixed with a smidge of violet intensifier, and says that Jessica was very happy with the resulting lilac hair.

Pastel hair for the guys, too

And—as we reported in a recent post about current men’s hairstyles—even the guys are getting in on the pastel action (albeit in ways that are on-trend yet still “manly”).

Witness rocker Adam Levine’s strawberry-topped ‘do, which he sported recently on The Voice. And for a real-life example, a client of Celia’s Hair Works in Myrtle Beach, SC, got pastel shades of denim blue on the fringe of his pompadour.

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