The latest hair-color craze to blow up on social media is a version of orange hair color called “blorange.”

Some say this word is a mashup of “blood orange”—after the ruby orange-colored citrus fruit. Others insist that it really means “blonde orange,” allowing for subtler, pastel-like hues.

Either way, stars have embraced blorange hair in all of its shade variations.

Lady Gaga blorange hairVariations of blorange on Lady Gaga and Georgia Jagger.
Photos by PR Photos

Consider the recent Grammy Awards, where style icon Lady Gaga accessorized her trademark ‘tude with streaks of pinky orange and brighter orange hair color in her tousled, pony-tailed blonde hairdo. Or supermodel Georgia May Jagger, seen in a bright orange ombre at red-carpet events last fall.

Blorange hair, says master colorist Deb Gavin, is just an example of modern-day trends: “Today's hair-color palettes have taken what used to be seen as avant-garde, to mainstream,” she observes.

How to get blorange hair

Because blorange can range from bright, citrusy shades to softer tones in the rose gold family, it’s easy to get the look for yourself any way you want it—depending on the hair color formulas and techniques used.

“Blorange hair can be made to vary in degrees of intensity from a whispered pastel to a loud orange pink,” notes Deb, the International Artistic Director for Keratin Complex® Color Therapy™.

Recent examples from Keratin Complex colorists show the blorange extremes in vivid detail:

Keratin Complex blorange hairBlorange hair by Keratin Complex stylists Heather Dolezal, Rachel Chambers and Staci Damico.

· Heather Dolezal, owner of Hot Chops Salon in Omaha, NE, added a lovely blonde-orange ombre to a light brunette client.

· Meanwhile, Rachel Chambers, owner of Identity Salon in Stanwood, WA, gave one client a bold version of our Rose Gold fashion shade.

· And at Touch Salon in East Providence, RI, Staci Damico combined tones of peach, pink, honey and ice to achieve a color that she christened “Sorbet.”

To get your own customized version of blorange or rose gold hair, collect a few images for inspiration and take them to your Keratin Complex colorist.

Pro tip: Keep your orange hair color looking crisp and citrusy with our Blondeshell or Timeless Color® shampoos and conditioners.