We’re thrilled to announce the second round winners of our ongoing Unmask a Hero contest. Once again, the top two winners submitted looks that truly dazzled. The grand prize goes to Haley Estep of Burns Flats, OK; and second place goes to Veronika Nika of Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Read on for details of their winning looks; runners up will be presented in future posts.


The artist: Haley Estep

The salon: The Beauty Lounge by Haley, Weatherford, OK

The service: Color melt on the hair and hair extensions with KeraHold® and Metamorfix™ formulas
in red, orange and yellow; styled into a braided half-up style.

The story: Just looking at Haley’s entry, below, elicits oohs and aahs at the gorgeous color and complementary style that she achieved on her regular client Cody—so it’s no wonder our judges deemed it worthy of the grand prize!

Although Haley has been a stylist for a relatively short time (three years), she definitely has mastered the art of hair color using Keratin Complex® Color Therapy™!

“Cody often wants subtler looks; we typically lean more toward blonde or ombre hair colors for her,” Haley says. “This time she requested a bold, fiery look, and came armed with Pinterest photos for inspiration.”

Haley applied a base of light mahogany red brown, then color-melted tones of orange (KeraHold red Intensifier mixed with Metamorfix Extreme Direct Pigments in gold) and yellow (gold Intensifier and extreme gold direct pigments) from the crown downward. She used the same formulas and technique for Cody’s hair extensions, yielding a vibrant result overall that certainly fit the request for a bold, fiery look!

“In the end, we both loved the outcome,” Haley says.

Haley Estep Unmask a HeroPhoto: @haleymestep

The entry: Haley tossed her look into the ring because, she says, she enjoys entering contests. “It allows me to get creative and do something different from my everyday routine.”

The award: For her efforts, Haley won a paid trip to the Color, Cut and Style Show 2016 in Fort Lauderdale and a feature in the September/October 2016 issue of behindthechair.com.

The reaction: “I was beyond excited! I was in the salon break room dancing and screaming with my co-workers. There were so many deserving entries, so it came as a complete surprise to me.”


The artist: Veronika M.

The salon: Salon Rush, West Bloomfield, MI

The service: Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment

The story: Veronika, a 20-year styling veteran who has owned Salon Rush for three years, did the winning look on her longtime client, Elena, who has very “curly, unruly, coarse and frizzy hair.”

Says Veronika: “We have been doing the keratin treatment on her for the last five years and have always achieved amazing results.” She uses the maximum amount of passes on Elena in order to get the smoothest, frizz-free effect.

Upon learning that the results that day had earned the stylist second-place kudos as an unmasked Keratin Complex hero, Veronika says that Elena “was very excited and happy for the both of us.”

veronika Unmask a HeroPhoto: @salonrush

The entry: “Competition is an unbeatable learning experience, offering competitors the ability to demonstrate and grow talent. It is a test of your ideas and abilities,” notes Veronika. “Participating in various contests allows me to gain exposure and enjoy what I love to do the most in a lively and joyous atmosphere.”

The award: Veronika will receive $250 in cash and a $500 Keratin Complex gift bag.

The reaction: “I was ecstatic and very thankful to have participated in such a thrilling competition. I am truly blessed and humbled to have received an award that acknowledges my professional growth and expertise.”