To follow up on our recent report of the first five runners up to the Unmask a Hero winners, here are details on remaining winners.

Jessica Spencer Unmask@hairbyjessica101

The artist: Jessica Spencer Poor

The salon: Kadillac Barbies Salon & Suites. Weatherford, OK

The service: Overall lightening with It’s a Blonde Thing™ Keratin Lightening System®

The story: “The client is a regular, Lexi, who is 15 and wanted to be a blonde. During the consultation, she provided many pictures that were rooted blonde, and she left the rest up to me. She didn’t want demarcation or saturation, so I chose to weave out her natural color and continue to tease the blonde at the roots. She was very happy and ended with a huge smile!”

The entry: “I wanted to share my experience with others.”

The reaction: “I’m overwhelmed with excitement that I'm a runner up in the Unmask a Hero contest!”

Riley Pickett Unmask@ryyyy_xo

The artist: Riley Pickett

The salon: St. Cyr Salon & Spa, Worcester, MA

The service: Balayage with It’s a Blonde Thing

The story: “Kasey was a new client who wanted to be more blonde and didn’t like the look of traditional foils. She wanted to keep a dark root that melted into the blonde. For Kasey, I divided her hair into four quadrants. Starting in the back, I took horizontal sections and painted Vs and Ws alternating. I blended her pre-existing highlights using this pattern. Kasey absolutely loved her hair. She loved how blonde it was and how it still had a dark root.”

The entry: “I entered the Unmask a Hero contest because I really love the Keratin Complex® product line and I loved how this client’s hair turned out after using the products.”

The reaction: “I was thrilled to be a runner up. When I sent in the photo I was still in cosmetology school. So to have been picked still being a new hairstylist with only eight months of experience was an amazing feeling.”

Renee Segura Unmask@ semprebellaby_renee

The artist: Renee Segura

The salon: Encore Hair Studio, Torrance, CA

The service: Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment

The story: “My client was Mia, and it was her first visit with me. She has extremely coarse curly hair with lots of frizz, and her mother wanted something to help make her daughter’s hair easier to manage. The obvious choice was to do a Keratin Complex treatment. Because her texture was so coarse, I needed to make sure that I used a lot of tension in every step to get the hair as smooth as possible. In the end she loved it. She had never seen her hair so smooth or straight before.”

The entry: “I tend to second guess myself and my abilities as a stylist, but one of my best friends and mentors, Maggie, had been encouraging me to take pride and showcase my work—so I felt the contest was a good step in that direction and a great opportunity to be able to get feedback.”

The reaction: “I was super excited! I give 100% to my clients and the services I provide, so to see my work recognized was a huge blessing and accomplishment for me.”

Lynn Levesque Unmask@limitlesshairstudio

The artist: Lynn Levesque

The salon: Limitless Hair Studio, West Greenwich, RI

The service: Pre-lightened with It’s a Blonde Thing mixed with a Vitalshot; toned entire head with ultra-light violet pearl blonde; then on triangular sections on the fringe and side areas, foiled alternating formulas of light copper blonde mixed with copper intensifier and extreme copper, and lightest copper gold blonde mixed with extreme gold, color-melting them together; styled with Lift-Off Root Amplifying Gel and Flex Flow hairspray.

The story: “My model for the competition was Amanda. She has been my client for about five years and trusts me with whatever I think I should do.”
The entry: “My distributor came in one day and told me about the contest. I couldn’t stop thinking about entering it, so I called up Amanda and asked if she could come in on a Monday and spend the day being my model.”

The reaction: “I’m thrilled to be a runner up. I have never won or placed in anything before. There is so much amazing talent out there that I didn’t think that I would place!”

Rachel Chambers Unmask@rae_eliza

The artist: Rachel Chambers

The salon: Identity Salon, Stanwood, WA

The service: Base color application of KeraHold in medium red blonde with Metamorfix™ Extreme Direct Pigments in extreme gold added to ends; glazed with Demi-Glaze clear and extreme red pigments that were “pulled through using a light feathering effect to achieve copper and apricot shades”; sealed with Metamorfix Multi-Purpose Color Perfector.

The story: “Casey, a regular client, wanted red tones and something interesting. She lets me just do my thing, and that’s why her hair always turns out amazing! She absolutely loved it!”

The entry: “I love that we can all share our work and share our talents in this industry that we love!”

The reaction: “Very excited! I was very humbly surprised, with all the before-and-afters that I saw!”

Congratulations to these Round 1 runners up. Great job, everyone! Each of these stylists will receive a Keratin Complex product assortment valued at over $250—and the knowledge that their work is truly appreciated!

Remember that the contest is still going strong, with more great prizes to be awarded. So keep those submissions coming! #unmaskahero