We recently announced the very first- and second-place Unmask a Hero winners. Now read on for details on five of the entries deemed worthy of runner-up status—from seasoned pros to newbie stylists, and styles that covered a variety of beautiful looks. The rest of the runners up will be detailed in a future post.

Unmask Amanda Lawson@amandalawson_hair

The artist: Amanda Lawson

The salon: Salon Haven, Chattanooga, TN

The service: Color melt using KeraHold® Keratin-Enhanced Permanent Crème Hair Color in violet brown melted into KeraHold and Metamorfix™ Extreme Direct Pigments in reds, oranges and yellow/gold, all enhanced with a Vitalshot™ Bond Rebuilder; blow-dry and flat iron using Keratin Complex® styling aids including Kerabalm, Glowtion Potion and Thermo-Shine.

The story: “My client, Lauren, is my beautiful older sister. One evening I received a text from her with a photo attached of an absolutely stunning flame ombre, and she told me she wanted to do something similar. She is an artist, and one of my most favorite people to collaborate with, so I was completely onboard. Our completed idea was a flame-inspired ombre with a cool violet brown base and melted reds/oranges/yellows.”

The entry: “I thought it would be fun! It's the first hair-related contest I have ever entered, and it was put on by Keratin Complex, which is the color line we use at our salon, so I wanted to give it shot!”

The reaction: “Honestly, I was shocked. There were so many amazing entries, and I was super stoked and grateful that my work was considered.”

Unmask Makayla Robinson@beautybymakayla00

The artist: Makayla Robinson

The salon: Salon Obsession, Florence, KY

The service: Base application of KeraHold in dark blonde; balayage/ombre technique on mid-lengths and ends using It’s a Blonde Thing and Vitalshot; overall toning with Demi-Glaze in ultra-light violet blonde mixed with slate blue.

The story: “This was a refreshed ombre on my regular client Taylor. She wanted her base a little richer, and wanted her blonde brighter with an icy tone. Taylor was so happy with her new look and called her look an ‘Elsa’ ombre! We both loved it!”

The entry: I entered the contest because I love sharing my work with the product line I am most passionate about. And I love to show my clients how much their loyalty means to me and that I am proud to have them as guests in my salon

The reaction: “When I found out that I was a runner up I was ecstatic! There is no better feeling than to be recognized for something that is not only your career but also something you love to do—especially by your favorite product line! I was also so excited to show my client that people all over are seeing her beautiful hair and are appreciating it as well. It was a win for everyone involved, and that is awesome!”

Unmask Seniel Hannagan@seniel9

The artist: Seniel Hannagan

The salon: Circuit Style Salon, Vineyard Haven, MA

The service: Color application of KeraHold in medium and dark red browns, blended into a formula of light red brown and dark red violet blonde.

The story: “My client, Colleen, came in with grown-out highlights that were probably two months old. She wanted to go bold and do a bright red. I love formulating custom colors for people, so this was right up my alley. She loved it! We were both so excited with how bold and gorgeous the color came out.”

The entry: “I always love to enter contests; it’s fun to see other people’s work and it’s a great way to share your work with others.”

The reaction: “I was thrilled! Any recognition for my work is amazing.”

Unmask Hannah Stark@hannahostark

The artist: Hannah Stark

The salon: Stark Parlour, Hendersonville, TN

The service: Color melt with KeraHold in shades of red violet; blow-dry and style with Glowtion Potion, Thermo-Shine, and Bold Hold.

The story: “Shelby is one of my regular guests. She wanted something new and bold. She is a natural redhead, so she has the perfect skin tone for the red violet color we chose. She was nervous while she was processing, but once she saw her hair styled, she absolutely loved it! Shelby agreed that it was the perfect amount of vibrancy as well as the perfect color for her. She also admitted that her hair felt much better after the color service.”

The entry: “Not only do I enjoy showcasing my work, but I really enjoy using Keratin Complex products to achieve my rich, vibrant color. I love the brand, so I was very excited when I found out about the contest! Without Keratin Complex, my work just wouldn't be the same.”

The reaction: “I screamed! I called my boyfriend and family immediately! They were all very proud.”

Unmask Chris Stanton@honeybeedoeshair

The artist: Christopher “Honeybee” Stanton

The salon: Lavish Salon, Providence, RI

The service: Color application of KeraHold intensifiers in slate blue and violet ash mixed with a Vitalshot Bond Rebuilder; blow-dry with Infusion Keratin Replenisher and Intense Rx®.

The story: “I did my coworker, Maressa’s hair. She wanted to tone out the brassy gold she had been rocking for a little while. We mixed the intensifiers with 30-volume developer and a Vitalshot. Just applied it all over… She absolutely loved it!”

The entry: “I entered because first and foremost, I love Keratin Complex and all their products. I also love a company who pushes us stylists to be different and try something new in this industry.”

The reaction: “I screamed! I just thanked God and I just smiled for about a week … it felt like when I first saw Beyonce’s Lemonade video and purchased the album!”

Congratulations to these Round 1 runners up. Nice job, everyone! Each of these hair artists will receive a Keratin Complex product assortment valued at over $250—and the admiration of thousands of their fellow professionals!

Remember that the contest is still going strong, with more great prizes to be awarded. So keep those submissions coming! #unmaskahero