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The Keratin Complex® team is still on a high from the amazing response that our booth received at Premiere Orlando 2015, the giant beauty trade show that took place May 30 – June 1. Inspired by the much-loved Alice in Wonderland tale, the KeraWonderland booth was THE biggest buzz-maker during the entire weekend!

Keratin Complex events Photos by Claudio Calderon

Staffers from all departments worked for months to conceptualize the booth and make sure the show went off without a hitch. Everyone did their part—from creating and hanging the decorations and signage; to booking and styling the models in fanciful getups and hairdos; to assembling and displaying the promotional materials and products; to offering valuable educational experiences for stylists; to adding ambiance with music and lighting. The platform and stage demonstrations for styling and color were standing-room-only, and many of the Keratin Complex products on offer during the show sold out!

Keratin Complex events Stylized signs point the way for visitors to the booth.

Team members who were there are still in a sort of afterglow. “What an incredibly educational and exciting experience to see the industry showcase its best,” says Renu Kirpalani, the brand manager for Keratin Complex Color Therapy™. “The classes were engaging, the stage shows were exhilarating, and the competitive nature re-energized my creative ambitions!”

Keratin Complex eventsThe models get into the spirit of things as they show off their KeraWonderland looks!

“KeraWonderland was unlike anything we have ever presented at a trade show,” observes Zoe Hyams, Smoothing Therapy brand manager. “I watched customers walk onto the show floor and stop in sheer amazement as soon as they arrived at the Keratin Complex booth. It was like stepping into the rabbit hole and entering a world of complete delight. Bright colors, dramatic music … it felt as though you had stepped into a storybook!”

Keratin Complex events Deb Gavin discusses one of the looks she helped create during a platform demonstration.

Big debut for the Michlebs

The Premiere show was the first public appearance for Woody and Amy Michleb—and what an introduction it was! As International Artistic Director for Cut & Style, Woody put his prodigious talents to work on the platform, where he used Keratin Complex products to add finishing touches on some truly impressive styles that had been colored by Deb Gavin, International Artistic Director for Color Therapy. Meanwhile, Amy was repping Keratin Complex both on the floor and in the classroom in her new role as Director of Education for the brand.

Keratin Complex events Woody Michleb works his magic on the platform.

“We have worked shows and events individually and together for 15 years or more, and in that time have seen many things. It has been a long time since we saw a group of people come together truly like a family, and make us feel so welcome and part of that family!” Amy says, adding that she was also thrilled to work alongside members of the Keratin Complex Inspiration Team. “I saw a group of hard-working and knowledgeable individuals. I am proud to be their new director, and know that together we can take KC to the next level!”

Big response on social media

The Keratin Complex events were so well received that they literally blew up on social media sites! The dozens of tweets and Facebook and Instagram posts were chock-full of positive reactions—with comments that frequently employed hashtags and phrases such as “Keralove,” “KeraWonderland,” “amazing models,” and even “Keramania!”

Lauren Santiago, who headed up the company’s social media efforts during the event, says: “It was amazing to see all the pictures of the KeraWonderland booth posted by our fans not only on Instagram and Facebook, but all social media platforms! The response we got this year was better than any I have seen in my four years of being with the company.”

So, if your local stylist starts gushing about Keralove next time you see him or her—you’ll have a pretty good idea why!!