We recently announced the Round 2 first- and second-place Unmask a Hero winners. Now read on for details on the entries deemed worthy of runner-up status—from seasoned pros to newbie stylists, and styles that covered a variety of beautiful looks.


Unmask Jillain @j.luxe salon

The artist: Jillain Salomone

The salon: j.luxe Salon, Syracuse, NY

The service: Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment

The story: “My client has unruly, frizzy hair. She first came in for color and we talked about the texture of her hair. She wanted more manageable, smoother hair so I suggested Smoothing Therapy. She came in a couple weeks later, and I performed the keratin treatment on her. The transformation was amazing. She loved it! She scheduled another one for several months later.”

The entry: “I entered the contest to show my work and help motivate others.”

The reaction: “I was very excited to be a runner up. My hard work has paid off!”


Unmask Tara


The artist: Tara McLaughlin

The salon: Salone Natalia, Tigard, OR

The service: Base application of a formula made from KeraHold® in light red and golden browns mixed with red Intensifier and Metamorfix™ direct pigments in extreme red; mid-lengths and ends lightened with It’s a Blonde Thing™; overall toning with clear Demi-Glaze and violet Extreme Direct Pigments; shampoo and condition with Blondeshell®; final styling using Infusion Keratin Replenisher.

The story: “Hailey is a regular client of mine. When she came in that day, she expressed that she wanted a raspberry color. I immediately knew that I wanted to do a dimensional raspberry color.”

The entry: “I entered the contest because I had the creative freedom that I was not able to have at a prior salon, so I thought that this contest was a great way to show what I had.”

The reaction: “I was so excited that I was jumping up and down in my salon; and then immediately called my husband to tell him.”


Unmask Chanelle @chanelle_kareta

The artist: Chanelle Kareta

The salon: Serenity Salon & Spa, Chicopee, MA

The service: Balayage with It’s a Blonde Thing; hair cleansed and blow-dried using Infusion Keratin Replenisher; three formulas applied in alternating slices (KeraHold dark red copper blonde mixed with Metamorfix extreme copper; and KeraHold lightest golden blonde mixed with Metamorfix extreme gold); washed with Keratin Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner; and styled with Glowtion Potion and Lift Off.

The story: “The client I worked on, Melissa, was a regular but then she moved to Arizona so now only can get her hair done when she is home visiting family. She has a really adventurous personality and always comes in with a different look in mind. She gives me a lot of free rein, which always excites me even more!

“Melissa is a nurse, so I had to do the application opposite of how I would normally do it. We went closest to her root underneath her hair, and with each section working up I went lower and lower so it would be easier for her to hide at work.

“She was really happy with how it came out and is excited to see what we can create next. I love having clients who are so open to change and trust me to create these fun looks for them.”

The entry: “The#unmaskahero contest was actually the first contest I ever entered. I was feeling like I should challenge myself more before getting stuck in a rut.”

The reaction: “When I found out I was a runner up I was very happy. It feels so nice to be recognized for doing something that I love and put so much energy into.”


Unmask Hannan @beautybyhannahdavis

The artist: Hannah Davis

The salon: Haven Salon, Vandalia, OH

The service: Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment

The story: “My client was a regular client, a young high school girl with unmanageable frizz and density to her hair. I did a treatment on her and then I just did fun neons and vivid colors! She loved it!”

The entry: “I entered the contest to push myself to try something different.”

The reaction: “So excited!!”


Unmask Truong @bio.salon

The artist: Truong Nguyen

The salon: BiO Salon, Lawrenceville, GA

The service: Pre-lightening with It’s a Blonde Thing mixed with a Vitalshot™, followed by application of a KeraHold formula in light ash blonde mixed with blue and violet intensifiers.

The story: “An is my regular client. Every time she comes in, we always change her hair color. She asked for whatever I had in mind, but she loves blue. So, I decided to make her hair blue!”

The entry: “I had been looking through other entries, but I didn't see any blue hair. I thought it (blue hair) would be unique. That’s why I joined the contest!”

The reaction: “SO HAPPY! I got the box (of prizes) and just smiled at the box all day long!”


Unmask Laurie @lauriekroeker

The artist: Laurie Kroeker

The salon: The Beauty Lounge, Weatherford, OK

The service: Pre-lightening with It’s a Blonde Thing mixed with a Vitalshot, followed by application at new growth area of KeraHold in ash natural mixed with a small bit of black, blended into just ash natural from mid-lengths to ends. Finish with a blowout and styling using Glowtion Potion Styling Oil, Vita Volume Boosting Foam and Bold Hold Maximum Finishing Hairspray.

The story: “My client, Tina wanted to be gray. It took quite a few months to get her to where we needed her to be. We did a shadow root with the darker shade, and blended it into the ash natural formula. She was very happy with the results.”

The entry: “Another stylist in the salon told me that I should enter what I just did in the contest.”

The reaction: “Beyond excited! In 22 years, I’ve only been acknowledged three times for my work. It was great!”

Congratulations to these Round 2 runners up. Beautiful work, everyone! Each of these hairstylists will receive a Keratin Complex product assortment valued at over $250—and the admiration of clients and fellow pros alike!

Remember that the contest is still going strong, with more great prizes to be awarded. So keep those submissions coming! #unmaskahero