The Orlando Convention Center was recently awash in superheroes, thanks to Keratin Complex®.

They could be found walking the runway, fully decked out in superhero costumes (with great hair to match); on the platform and in classrooms, showing off their super skills and hair artistry to appreciative audiences; and even behind the scenes, helping to make sure that everything ran smoothly at the 2016 Premiere Orlando beauty trade show (June 4 – 6).

Keratin Complex heroesThe models pose in full superhero form on the Keratin Complex stage.
Photos by Dalton Hamm

Coming up with a ‘super’ theme for Premiere

The organizing team from Keratin Complex knew it had a big task: not only putting together a great presentation of Keratin Complex’s Smoothing Therapy, Color Therapy™ and Style Therapy lines, but also topping last year’s theme of KeraWonderland, which truly wowed the crowds and caused buzz for months afterward.

“We threw around some ideas,” recalls Director of Public Relations Ivie Richman, “but the best—and most obvious—choice turned out to be expounding on our Unmask a Hero contest, which we unveiled earlier this year. And once we decided to go with this theme, it was easy to come up with fun ways to play on it.”

Events Manager Alexia Argeros headed up the team that worked on bringing the theme to life via models, costumes, set decorations, lighting and music, and appropriate props.

Says Alexia: “The Keratin Complex staff worked really hard to bring the entire theme together. Our Elite Inspiration Team members and International Artistic Director did a phenomenal job onstage by giving our audiences entertainment and Keratin Complex knowledge. Overall this show was the best yet, and I can’t wait to top it next year.”

A special shout-out goes to producer and emcee Chad Everett of Galaxy Productions, who helped put the show together. “We couldn’t have done it without him,” Alexia says. “He really made our dreams into a reality!”

Keratin Complex products(l-r) Audience members watch the show while perusing the promotions book;
customers flock to the Keratin Complex shop to pick up products.

Showing off Keratin Complex products and services

It was the first time at Premiere for Prestige Accounts Manager Kathy Saatsakis, who spent her time on the floor, selling product and speaking to convention-goers about Keratin Complex. “Our booth was full of energy and creativity. It captured people’s attention; people wanted to see what we were all about,” she says, adding that the experience made her feel closer to the brand and her co-workers. “I had an even deeper appreciation for our talented stylists and team!”

Of course the show wouldn’t have been such a rousing success without the enthusiastic participation of members of the Keratin Complex Elite Inspiration Team! Whether pumping up the crowds during runway and platform shows or imparting their hair wisdom via training sessions, these Keratin Complex representatives worked tirelessly to promote the brand.

“This year as part of a three-artist team including Abraham Sprinkle and Lindsay Nix, we focused on sharing editorial styling tips utilizing various Keratin Complex products, ranging from Sweet Definition Texturizing Sugar Mist, to Vitalshot™ Bond Rebuilder, to It’s a Blonde Thing™ lightener,” says Paul Dobbert, owner of Tangles Hair Lounge in Riverside, CA. “I was inspired working so closely with so many talented artists!”

Keratin Complex stylists(l-r) Elite Inpsiration Team artist Abraham Sprinkle styles a model during a presentation on the platform;
Deb Gavin talks about her work on the Hair Color Stage.

Deb Gavin, International Artistic Director for Color Therapy™, led the team in showcasing some truly amazing transformations using our keratin-infused professional hair color line.

“I worked with a few talented colleagues to create a vibrant but wearable palette. Of course the theme was about unmasking a hero. My goal was to show the ‘power’ that your hair color and style have in your personal statement. We all feel confident when we love our look, and that creates power that comes from within,” says Deb.

“Everyone shined, and there was so much to see,” Deb continues. “The teams were very different, which kept a high energy and fast pace that was very engaging. There was business building, barbering, top agency stylists, and even a segment done in Spanish. Everyone’s models were stunning!”

Introducing barber heroes and first Unmask a Hero winner

Lindsay Solomon, Vice President of Business Development for Keratin Complex, was most enthused about our exciting collaboration with The Final Cut, an award-winning barbershop in Boca Raton, FL.

“One of the biggest trends in beauty right now is men’s hair and barbering,” Lindsay notes. “So we partnered with The Final Cut to bring the hottest trends in barbering to the stage.”

Three Final Cut barbers—Alexi Soward, John Cooks and Patrick “Patty” Regan—did men’s styles and the cuts for the male models that walked the runway during Keratin Complex shows. They also promoted the Keratin Complex styling line, using products such as MoldMe Matte Texturizing Cream, Vita Volume Boosting Foam and Flex Flow hairspray to achieve the hairstyles on display.

In addition, Patty collaborated with Deb on one of her looks, by adding an interesting undercut pattern to the beautiful red that Deb had given the model.

“These guys are just so cool,” Lindsay says. “They really melded with the Keratin Complex team, and they brought a new element to the show, helping to keep us on the forefront as a trendsetting company.”

Also our newest superhero, Diana Arvizu—the first-ever grand prize winner of #unmaskahero—presented her winning redhead look in a five-minute presentation on the Keratin Complex stage.

“Being onstage presenting my model and receiving an award was surreal,” says Diana, who was flown across the country from Orange County, CA, to attend the event. “I stood there staring at the crowd and was filled with joy and emotion; I couldn’t help it—the tears just rolled down my face.”

Diana says she also felt immediately welcomed by the Keratin Complex team. “The love and kindness I received from the KeraFamily was very nice. I instantly felt like I knew them and felt part of the team right away.”

For her part, Deb was very impressed by Diana, whom she had never met. “She is truly an amazing person and colorist who quickly became part of the family,” Deb says. “She was open and willing to share and lend a hand. I felt like I’d known her for years. We had a lot of fun.”

Keratin Complex heroes(l-r) Final Cut barber John Cooks works on a man’s hairstyle on the stage;
Unmask a Hero grand prize-winner Diana Arvizu poses with her model, Leah Efferson, at the social media booth.

Getting the word out about Keratin Complex

Lauren Santiago, PR and social media coordinator, once again handled the social media outreach at the show, helping create and maintain buzz during and after the events.

Like last year, the Keratin Complex booth featured a social media photo station, where fans could take pics with models, interact with platform artists, and post the results. The station was stocked with fun superhero-themed props, such as a Captain America shield and Spiderman vest, as well as talk bubbles proclaiming things like “I’m a hairstylist. What’s your superpower?” and “Girl, I love your hair.”

“These were themed quotes that empowered and inspired the people that came to the station,” Lauren notes.

New this year was a Facebook live feature, “with real-time video feeds that gave the Keratin Complex fans the chance to experience the show without being there,” Lauren says. “It was a huge hit!”

For more about Keratin Complex at Premiere 2016, including videos and photos, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.

To find out more about Pomp It Up!, our first-ever Keratin Complex Academy haircutting class featuring the barbers from The Final Cut, check out our Academy page!