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Want to dazzle your friends or office mates during the season’s de rigueur round of parties and get-togethers? The easiest way is by switching up your hair.

For some party-hair inspiration, see star styles from the 2016 AMAs.

To get the scoop on the party hairstyle trends we’re most likely to see this holiday season, we asked our resident expert Deb Gavin, the International Artistic Director for Color Therapy™, a few questions.

Read on for her tips and ideas on holiday hairstyles that will look great, and on-trend, for the end of 2016 and into the New Year:

Holiday hair Q&A with Deb Gavin

Q. What are some general trends in hair color and styles that you foresee for the 2016 party hair season?

A. Handcrafted hair-painting techniques, whether covering gray or going a little more crazy, are going to be a thing.

Also, braiding is still very popular. People like a look that they could do themselves; not too fussy or formed, and with more texture.

You’ll see braids done with different techniques, such as putting it in different places on the head, using various numbers of strands to form the braids, or ‘puffing out’ each knot by pulling on them after you’re done with the braid.

Q. Any holdovers from past seasons?

A. The textured lob with waves is still in. And, as mentioned above, having fun with braids.

Q. Anything new and exciting on the horizon?

A. Accessories always play a big part in holiday hair. What I love right now is using metals, glitter and such to decorate the hair, versus just pinning a decorative piece on. For instance, adding sparkle or glitter to hair gel and putting it around the hairline. It’s all about decorating the hair as an accessory in an interesting and fun way.

Keratin Complex holiday hairAMA looks on Nina Dobrev and Ariana Grande. Photos by PR Photos

Q. Any advice to consumers on how to get — and keep — these looks?

A. Learn how to take what you know (such as braiding techniques) and elevate it. Go on social media and study looks you like. Book an appointment with your Keratin Complex® stylist and have them walk you through a technique or two; or ask them for ideas at your regular appointment. You might be surprised at how easy a style can be to duplicate; sometimes things look more complicated than they really are.

Here at our salon (Fresh Hair Studio in Philadelphia), we do a “BYOB” where clients can bring in their own blow-dryer, and watch the stylists in action to get some fun ideas.

As far as how to keep the party hair looks once you’ve achieved them, well, I’ll always advise to use Keratin Complex blow-dry aids and styling products, which are formulated to prolong the results of hot-tool styles, while helping keep your hair as shiny and healthy-looking as possible.

And, most importantly, always start with clean, healthy hair! Our line of shampoos and conditioners contains excellent choices for every hair type, so you can have the best ‘canvas’ on which to paint your holiday hairstyling masterpieces.


To add glitter or metal as a decorative accessory for a party hairstyle, go to a craft store and purchase a few items, then follow Deb’s steps below:

· If you love studs and grommets, head to the sewing section, where you’ll find things like small metal grommets. Spray Keratin Complex Sweet Definition throughout the hair to create texture, then weave a braid of your choice, pulling on it or back-combing it to create volume. Take the grommets, place them decoratively throughout the braid, and squeeze the sides closed to keep them in place.

· For the glitter girl, you’ll want to pick up some loose glitter. Take Keratin Complex Lift Off Root Amplifying Gel and apply it on a makeup brush, then directly on scalp areas. Loosely and sparingly to start, sprinkle some glitter in those areas. You can create just a sparkle, or achieve heavier areas of color by adding more layers. Set the look with Flex Flow hairspray.

· To get a metallic effect, pick up some gold, rose and or silver crepe paper and break it into pieces. Use Keratin Complex Iconic Polish as a base in a paper bowl and add in the pieces of “metal.” Apply in areas with a makeup brush, or on the surface of a braid or loose bun. Finish with Flex Flow.