'It’s a versatile product for any type of hair.'

Keratin Complex® Infusion Keratin Replenisher is one of our bestsellers, and for good reason: This hair-transforming blow-dry cream immediately makes your hair smooth and locks out frizz all day.

Chock-full of our Signature Keratin as well as nourishing and hydrating ingredients such as soy and wheat proteins, rosemary leaf extract and coneflower extract, this “miracle” product has been an indispensable tool for Keratin Complex stylists since it was first introduced. It blocks humidity, cuts blow-dry and styling time, prolongs the results of a Keratin Complex keratin treatment, and also promotes better hair-color retention. What’s not to love?

“Infusion is the perfect primer,” says Jeremy Stephens, owner of AIA: The Salon in Hoover, AL, and a member of the Keratin Complex Elite Inspiration Team. “When applied as the first layer of styling product, it protects against hot tools and enhances the performance of any styling system.”

“It’s a versatile product for any type of hair,” agrees Nisha Patel, a West Coast district sales and education manager for Keratin Complex. “You can use it on wet hair or dry hair. It isn’t going to weigh the hair down, so it’s perfect for fine hair, too.”

Keratin Complex at PremiereJeremy Stephens styles a model during a presentation at Premiere. 

Infusion for better styling

At the recent Premiere trade show in Orlando, the Elite Inspiration artists employed Infusion Keratin Replenisher both on the platform and in the classroom.

For instance, Jeremy and Nisha used Infusion onstage on a model to show how to quickly go from a curly result with our Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System to a smoother one. “We demonstrated the ease of smoothing her curls out by applying Infusion and Glowtion Potion to dry hair before using the flat iron to smooth out her natural texture,” Jeremy says.

The team also relied on Infusion for the models that were used for multiple segments throughout the day. “We don’t want any buildup on the hair; we want it natural, shiny, and healthy looking all day so we can show different looks with different artists,” Nisha says. “Infusion helped block out any frizz and replenished keratin into the hair. The models’ hair felt incredibly soft and was very easy to manage all day!”

Infusion for curly hair

Of course, our keratin replenisher is awesome for sleek hairstyles; but it’s also perfect for textured hair, too! “For curly haired models, it’s a great product to help define the curls but also get rid of that frizz that starts to appear as the day goes on,” Nisha says. “We used it on wet hair before diffusing and also on dry hair to accentuate each individual piece.”

Keratin Complex at Premiere 2Nisha Patel discusses features of KC products, including Infusion.

Infusion for better hair color

Recall that we mentioned that Infusion is great for color-treated hair? The Keratin Complex stylists know about this first-hand.

“During a show like Premiere Orlando, the models will have their hair shampooed and heat styled numerous times throughout each day,” notes Jeremy. “All of those shampoos and heat applications can dull the vibrancy or surface shine of fresh hair color.”

Continues Jeremy: “Backstage, we used Infusion combined with various other styling products immediately following the hair color applications to maintain the vibrancy, intensity and shine of our models’ hair color throughout the show. Each and every model left with healthy, vibrant, shiny hair even after several consecutive days of shampooing and heat styling.”

How to style with Infusion

Here are some tips and tricks from the pros:

STYLING FOUNDATION: Apply Infusion to damp hair as your first layer of product, and then cocktail other styling aids as needed before blow-drying.

HAIR-REPAIR AID: If you have fragile or compromised hair, Infusion provides an extra layer of “protection” against hot-tool damage. Just use a little more in the areas that are most vulnerable (such as the ends) before doing your styling.

ALL-OVER SMOOTHER: Once your hair is styled, put a small amount of Infusion into your palms and lightly apply it across your hair for a shiny and smooth finish.

FLYAWAY CONTROL: Use a little Infusion on dry hair to smooth down all those little hairs that pop up around the face or hairline. This will help maintain a smooth silhouette all day.

CURL ENHANCER: If your curly hair starts to get frizzy or limp as the day goes on, just squirt a little in your palms and then apply lightly to the spots that are giving you trouble or that you want to give a little definition to.

For more styling inspiration using Infusion, check out our how-to videos for mastering the Perfect Blow-Dry and Effortless Waves on second-day hair.

Convinced that you can’t live without Infusion yet? Here’s an even sweeter incentive: It’s now available in an easy-to-use tube and comes in two convenient, better-value sizes: 2.5 ounces and 4 ounces. To get yours, see your local Keratin Complex salon or click here.