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We recently posted about a hair-color trend called “granny hair”—fashionable tones of silver, gray, or platinum-white with undertones of violet or silver. Watching younger style-setters showing off these looks has encouraged some older women to go gray naturally—and proudly.

But, as with all hair, pigmented or not, there are things you should do (and not do) to play up your shades of gray. So, we’ve done some research and reached out to Keratin Complex stylists for the best tips for getting—and maintaining—gorgeous gray hair!

Making the transition

First, and most important, is how you transition from dark or colored hair to gray or silver hair. That’s where an experienced hairdresser can be most helpful: He or she will be able to guide you to the best method, depending on how your white hairs are growing in.

For instance, if you have patchy gray areas or a severe skunk line, your stylist will probably recommend adding light-colored highlights to mask the extreme shade differences and blend your grays for a more flattering natural look.

Or, if you’ve been coloring your longer hair for years, a stylish cut that removes the colored ends can help hasten the transition to natural whites and grays.

Another strategy would be to gradually go gray by shifting to a more translucent demi-permanent color, such as Color Therapy™ KeraBrilliance™, in increasing lighter shades, as your unpigmented hairs grow in.

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Getting gray hair texture under control

White (or unpigmented) hairs can tend to be stiffer and drier, leading to issues with coarseness, unruliness or even frizz. In this case, a Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy treatment might be extremely helpful.

“I recommend an Express Blow Out™ treatment to soften the wiry feel of white hair,” says Gina Almona, owner of Blo It Out in Astoria, NY. “And, we always recommend Kerabalm to soften the canvas.” Just work a pumpful or two into wet or dry hair and then style as normal.

Getting rid of brassiness in gray shades

Some gray shades can tend toward unattractive warmth or brassiness. “The biggest challenge on this look is the gold in the hair,” says Ilizabeth Adelman, co-owner of Fraser Hair Co. in Fraser, CO, who gets requests for granny hair from clients young and old.

So, Ilizabeth suggests using Keratin Complex Blondeshell® shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioning masque for at-home maintenance. This line is specially formulated to fight brassiness in blonde, gray and silver shades while also nourishing the hair and adding shine.

Combating dullness

Between the dryness factor and the yellowing effects of environmental pollutants such as smoke, gray and silver hair can become dull as—well, dishwater.

An application of Color Therapy Demi-Glaze, which was created to help enhance and tone lighter shades of hair, can do the trick. “I always recommend a Demi-Glaze every four to six weeks to help keep out any yellow tones and keep the white vibrant,” says Gina. This line comes in five shades as well as Clear to add shine and vibrancy, so your stylist will be able to choose the right one to beautify your own shades of gray.

Another trick for combatting dullness is to incorporate a shine-enhancing product such as Iconic Polish High Shine Pomade into your styling routine.

So, ladies, following these tips can help you continue to turn heads with your gorgeous granny hair! (Come to think of it, some of these tips also apply to older guys who want to look handsome and distinguished with their gray or white hair!)