Note from the KeraGirls: Keratin Complex® PR intern Erica Schroth contributed this post. Erica is in her senior year at Indiana University of Pennsylvania as a marketing major with a minor in graphic design.

Nothing is worse then when a stranger walks up to you and says, “Oh my gosh girl, I love your ombre hair. How did you get it like that? It looks so natural.”

Well “girl,” it wasn’t planned.

Yes my hair was two-toned, but not by choice. My roots were my natural light brunette color, but the ends were overprocessed and damaged. The hair was dull and brassy, with split ends all the way through. So I decided to grow it out completely in hopes of saving my hair. After almost three years of not touching my hair besides trims, it was finally almost down to my waist. I loved the length but hated my curly frizzed ‘fro. (That’s what I called it.)

It was time for a change, and boy my hairdresser loved a new project! I decided to give in to the trends and proceeded to cut 14 inches off my hair. To get rid of my damaged hair, I went with the lob and balayage style. As soon as the stylist was finished, I knew it was going to turn out to be a great choice.

Hair cut and colorErica, before and after her cut-and-color service.

One year later, I gratefully accepted an internship at Keratin Complex! I was sitting at my little desk in the corner one day when one of the stylists asked me if I knew anyone with frizzy hair. I told her, “Yes I do, ME!” The next day I was a model for one of the keratin treatments. And, boy, am I thankful that I spoke up. With one treatment, my frizz level was down, and my curly hair was more relaxed.

I finally had the perfect hair for styling any way I want, including those Florida beachy waves.

Keratin Complex hairErica's new look, captured in a selfie.

Split ends gone? Check.

Frizz gone? Check.

What’s next? The upkeep.

Keratin Complex for my hair-care needs

I started using Keratin Complex Keratin Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. This helped the treatment and my color last longer. I also use Blondeshell purple shampoo once or twice a week to help keep my blonde bright and non-brassy.

Next up: Something everyone—and I mean everyone!—needs to have in their beauty routine is Keratin Complex Infusion Keratin Replenisher. This made my hair as soft as butter. I raved about this to another stylist here, and she let me in on one of her secrets: Infusion AND Intense Rx®. Mix both of these together to get amazing softness and shine. Intense Rx replenishes hair while Infusion gives you a day-to-day treatment for frizz.

If I’m going out and I really want to add shine, I use Thermo-Shine Thermal Protectant Mist. This product protects my hair against heat damage from my flat iron and adds tons of shine!

But what if I don’t feel like straightening my hair and going through that whole process? I treat myself with something sweet! Sweet Definition is a sugar mist that helps shape those beachy waves without pulling moisture out of the hair like a salt spray would.

All I can say is, thank you Keratin Complex for helping me say goodbye to Curly Frizzed ‘Fro Girl!