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Although most female celebrities still tend to favor longer hairstyles (for obvious reasons) the more adventurous or forward-thinking types are embracing the classic pixie—with a modern update, reports Refinery 21. “Hollywood royalty has revived the side-swept pixie, and we love how this edgy look has given short hair a chic new vibe. No longer is this a cut for busy mothers, but rather a cut for teens and celebs alike,” says the blog.

Miley Cyrus pixiePhotos by PR Photos

Hot young movie stars that have been pulling off this look include actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley (on home page), as well as the singer Miley Cyrus (above), who “embraces short hair with a young and edgy twist,” notes Refinery21.

To mimic Miley’s style at home, Refinery 21 says that her stylist Andy Lecompte recommends blow-drying into the side-sweep or combing the pieces and allowing the hair to air dry. To add a nice sheen, try finger-styling with a dab of Keratin Complex Iconic Polish High Shine Pomade, and then keep the style in place with a light spritz of Flex Flow Flexible Shaping Hairspray.

But don’t think that this look is for youngsters only. Robin Wright (above), who has been enjoying a career-resurgence with her award-winning role on the Netflix show House of Cards, has been wearing a pixie to great effect. “When you decide to go short with your hair, it’s important to embrace texture,” advises her hairstylist, Paul Norton.

That means knowing how to detail and place the shorter hair in ways that flatter your facial structure, says the blog. To help create definition and separation as well as face-flattering texture, try using MoldMe Matte Texturizing Cream or our newest styling aid, Sweet Definition Texturizing Sugar Mist. Apply the product, then use your fingers to scrunch and gently style the hair.