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Face it: You’ve probably got a drawer full of scarves that you only pull out to dress up an outfit by wrapping one around your neck. And that’s a fine way to use this go-to accessory, as there are dozens—if not hundreds—of various ways to drape one around your neck, so the look is never the same twice. (For some inspiration, here’s a great video tutorial on 25 ways to tie a scarf.)

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But there’s good news for those who find themselves in a scarf rut: This colorful staple has been getting a fresh new spin from fashion bloggers and street-style mavens, according to a recent Glamour blog post. Scarves—especially the sleek and colorful silk ones—have been showing up as an adornment in some unexpected places!

Here are some of the blog’s suggestions for fun new ways to use a silk scarf:

As a belt:

“Whether you're in boyfriend jeans or high-waisted tailored trousers, nothing says ‘I went the extra mile’ quite like using a silk scarf in lieu of a leather belt,” says the blog. So pull out one that matches or complements your pants, and go to town!

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As a bracelet:
Glamour identifies the wrist as a great place for using a colorful scarf as a decoration, and we agree. “This styling method works best with smaller scarves or pocket squares,” counsels the blog; but we think the tails of a longer scarf (as seen in the photo above) look great, too.

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On your handbag:

Why not accessorize your accessory with a scarf that adds punch to your ensemble? The blog suggests tying a silk scarf around the handle in a bow or loose knot, or even kicking it up a notch by wrapping the handle completely!

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On your head:

There are countless creative ways to use a scarf as a headpiece, such as covering your head, babushka style, or rolling it up to make a headband. “No matter what your style, it’s the best hat alternative a girl can ask for,” says Glamour. For ideas on cute ways to tie a scarf on your head, we found helpful how-to videos here and here.

Happy wrapping!