If your face is a little fuller than you’d like, there are ways you can wear your hair that play down your extra weight and instead play up your gorgeous features, according to Bella Sugar Daily Makeover. “Just as makeup can hide certain imperfections, so can hairstyles,” it advises.

Bella Sugar names a celebrity to illustrate each example, and we’ve added a few of our own. (Not that these gorgeous women need the help—but their styles will certainly give you a good idea!)

Read on for our favorite suggestions on how to “lose” a quick 10 pounds via your haircut!

Jessica Chasten long hairPhotos by PR Photos

Wear your hair long

In many cases, long hair will help elongate the face and make you look instantly thinner. Go for a tailored cut like redhead Jessica Chastain, pictured, or red-hot actress Melissa McCarthy (shown on home page).

Katie Holmes updo

Create a high updo

Stars that have been wearing this look to great effect include Katie Holmes, above, and Ashlee Simpson, who favors a stylish topknot. A vertical updo adds length to the face and brings attention upward.

Kerry Washington hairstyle

Use a side part

A side part like Kerry Washington’s, above, creates an off-center look and softens the face so that it doesn’t look so round. Others wearing this look include singer Meghan Trainor and British actress Gemma Arterton.

Julianne Hough hairstyle

Cut an asymmetrical bob

“If the bob is cut short in the back and long in the front, it will make your face look thinner,” advises Bella Sugar. The dancer and actress Julianne Hough is a good example of how to pull off this look. And, while her hair in the above photo follows another tip by being parted on the side (see previous entry), the blog suggests opting for a modern middle part, which makes the hair fall evenly along the face to help elongate it.

Eva Mendes hair

Frame the face with layers

“Layers that are cut around your face can balance the weight of your hair in comparison to your face and give you an elongated look,” according to Bella Sugar. Long layers—such as those favored by Eva Mendes—that fall along the face and below the chin, will bring the jawline down and make your face look longer and thinner.

Diane Kruger hairstyle

Wear soft waves

Straight hair can make your head look smaller, which widens your face. But tight curls can make your whole head look bigger—another no-no. Choose long, loose waves that curl away from the face but still frame your face, like the style above on Diane Kruger, or the thicker waves on young actress Emily Rossum.

Blake Lively hair

Add highlights to your hair

Highlights that are lighter on top and darker underneath, as worn by Blake Lively, above, help draw vertical attention to your face and make it look slimmer. To get your own highlights, head on over to your Keratin Complex salon, where your stylist will use our fab It's a Blonde Thing™ lightener for a flattering highlighted style!

Demi Lovato hairstyle

Play up texture

We’ve already noted that a hot hair trend is texture, so this tip is right up our alley! Bella Sugar notes that hairstyles that have texture and movement, like the choppy bobs worn by actress Lily Collins and singer Demi Lovato, above, are very flattering to the face (whereas blunt styles and cuts can make the face look fuller).