'The technology we have in our color always inspires me!'

-- Deb Gavin

Continuing to set the hairstyling world on fire with our imaginative and fun creative concepts, Keratin Complex® took a psychedelic trip through time during the UNITE Global Session 2015 (Oct. 4 – 7) in London.

Deb Gavin, International Artistic Director for Color Therapy™, was among 21 internationally renowned hair artists who presented their work during the first two days of the hair show. The theme of Deb’s show was “Color Fast Forward,” a look at iconic hairstyles from the 1950s onward, all tweaked with a modern, pop twist!

Deb Gavin Unite hairstylesDeb Gavin with the futuristic models onstage.

“My goal was to not only to show a collection but also to inspire and give ideas of how to create unique looks to grow business,” Deb says, adding that Keratin Complex’s keratin-enhanced professional hair color made this goal easy. “The technology we have in our color always inspires me!”

Coming up with a hair-show theme

Deb and the team at Keratin Complex knew that they needed a theme to tie the two days of presentations together. Ivie Richman, director of public relations for the company, came up with the idea of hairstyles through time. “Once we brainstormed her idea, it came to life beautifully,” Deb says.

Molly Woodruff, senior national education manager, helped Deb bring the looks to life. She planned, organized, and managed all model elements including casting, choreographing, and assisting with their finished look.

“It was a very impressive and impactful opportunity, nothing like I had ever experienced before," Molly says, adding that the trip to London was icing on the cake: “The culture, vibe, people and architecture were unbelievable.”

Two days of great hair with Keratin Complex

The first day showcased hair through the decades. “It was not retro exactly,” Deb explains, “but more about how those looks would be affected and enhanced with today’s color technology like Keratin Complex.”

Deb Gavin futuristic hairstylesTwo looks from the future collection.

Day two, says Deb, was “color of the future. I spoke about fundamentals of design as we are increasingly able to create personalization with durability in hair color. I also played with the idea of, ‘What if color had accessory or enhancement built in?’ So maybe future KeraBrilliance™ has gold dust in it, as an example.”

The reaction, Molly reports, was fantastic. “Stylists, distributor employees, and PR representatives were all beyond impressed with our presentation, Deb and the models. Some didn’t realize how astonishing our color line is until seeing it live in person for themselves. Other stylists said it was the most beautiful reds they had ever seen.”

In addition, the Keratin Complex team worked diligently to put together a video of striking images and decade-appropriate music to accompany Deb’s looks as they walked down the runway. The models, of course, were also dressed to fit the era they were representing.

Watch the UNITE show video!