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The KeraGirls are always on the lookout for easy and inexpensive ways to help maintain the smooth, silky and shiny results from Keratin Complex that you love!

So, we’ve done the research for you, assembling eight great tips for healthy, happy hair that won’t cost you anything—not even much by way of time …

Keratin Complex beauty tips


1. Rinse with cold water

A cold-water rinse will seal the hair’s cuticle, helping to enhance shine and smoothness. To avoid that blast of chilliness, just ease the tap to cool or cold for the final rinse right before you get out of the shower … you might even find it briskly refreshing during the dog days of summer!

2. Skip the shampoo

If your hair is shoulder-length or longer, the natural oils become more important to the overall condition of the hair; if you wash it too often, the mid-length and especially the ends are prone to drying out. Try washing it every two to three days—and on those days you don’t shampoo, use Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder to absorb excess oil at the root area.

Keratin Complex beauty tips


3. Avoid over-brushing

Despite the old adage to brush your hair 100 strokes every night, it’s now common knowledge that too much brushing causes split ends and breakage—the last thing you need for silky hair! Brush only as needed; and when your hair is wet, use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush.

4. Detangle gently

If your hair tends to tangle whether wet or dry, resist the urge to yank out the knots with a comb or brush. Instead, use your patience and a wide-tooth comb to gently comb them out. Note that it’s best to start at the bottom of your hair, and work your way up.

Keratin Complex beauty tips


5. Don’t rely on ponytails

Even though ponytails are hot right now (we’ve even blogged on this hair trend recently!), it should not be your go-to style if you want to keep your hair healthy. That’s because over time, even the gentlest bands and ponytail holders can cause hair breakage, split ends and other damage.

6. Let it air dry

For the shiniest hair, skip the blow-dryer and air dry when you can. Too much heat from the dryer can damage your hair, making it appear dull and lackluster. And here’s a great styling tip for getting easy, on-trend waves without the heat: Towel-dry your hair, then put it back in a loose braid (or two or three). Let it dry naturally (like overnight), undo braids, brush lightly or finger-style and voila—great-looking waves! 

Keratin Complex beauty tips


7. Avoid cigarette smoke

As if you need another reason to avoid smoking: Besides making you smell like a dirty ashtray, cigarette smoke (like all pollutants) can coat the hair, causing dryness, dullness and a generally unhealthy-looking appearance. Double-yuck!

8. Rinse out salt and chlorine

Whenever you go swimming in a pool or spend any time on the beach in or near the water, the chlorine or salt can make your hair look and feel dry and dull—especially if you let it build up. Make it a habit to always rinse your hair right away, and then wash out the salt or chlorine and condition as soon as you can (with your favorite Keratin Complex shampoo and conditioner, natch!).