We were so impressed by Keratin Complex stylist Ciara Cipriano's mastery of social media for networking that we decided to share some of her tips with our KeraFans! Here are some of the ways that Ciara uses various cyber platforms and mobile apps to market herself and boost her hairstyling business: 

A before-and-after post by Ciara Cipriano
A before-and-after post by Ciara Cipriano


“Instagram has built my book,” Ciara says. “I enjoy posting pictures side by side, often reflecting before-and-after images. That way I can allow my work to speak for itself.” To get the most out of Instagram, she recommends:

1. Do some research. Study other posts for style and fashion trends before sharing your own work. That way, you can start creating your own “trends” and make the most out of your social media marketing.

2. Choose your name carefully. It should reflect who you are and what you offer so that online users can easily find you. For instance, Ciara posts under the name “Ciara Cipriano Color.”

3. Offer variety. Your Instagram posts should give users a better sense of who you are, both personally and professionally. “I post things that I enjoy from quotes and sayings to food that I cook in my spare time, selfies, amazing views from flights I have been on, and of course hair,” Ciara says.  

4. Know when to post. Ciara says she gets the most “likes” from users between 9 a.m. and noon, and between 8 and 11 p.m. “It makes sense,” she says. “These are times that the majority of individuals are either starting their day or ending it.”   

5. Use hashtags! Of course you should tag your social media posts with information such as where you work and the brands you prefer—take Ciara’s use of #FreshHairStudio and #KeratinComplex, for example.

But also have fun and use creative tags, too.  “I also enjoy posting hashtags such as #NoFilterOnColorWorkEver and descriptions of the service that I have done such as #DetailWork, #DesignColor, #CorrectiveColor, etc.,” Ciara shares. 

#designcolor by Ciara
#designcolor by Ciara


Because the Instagram app lets users upload their photos straight to Facebook, Ciara has automatically created a lively following on the essential social media site. “Doing this has allowed me to reach out to a large amount of people without feeling as if I have put anyone on the spot or forced anyone to embrace my work who does not wish to,” Ciara says.

App-using tips from Keratin Complex

In addition, Ciara says she uses several iPhone apps to make her more productive and successful, which we are happy to pass along: 


“When I post pictures of hair, I always post images that have not been edited in any way. I usually use the app PhotoGrid to create before-and-after pictures,” Ciara says. She also adds insights such as the styling services she provided or the experience the client had.  


This mobile app allows the user to find out about a song they are listening to by instantly providing information such as artist, song name, lyrics, and other recommended tracks. Says Ciara, “I love using the app because music is something that gets me inspired, whether it is an inspiration toward style and fashion, or lyrics that I relate to or that send a certain emotion or feeling through my body.”


Ciara utilizes the Notes function on her iPhone regularly. “I have come to find that the more you write down, the more you accomplish,” she says. “So whether it’s a packing list, things to do, goals, hair styles, song lyrics, quotes, stories, emotions, homework, or whatever else comes to mind, there is never a moment that I don’t take advantage of writing things down.”  

Since she has started doing this, Ciara says, she has noticed a marked increase in both her success rate and her determination to succeed. “And lets face it: Crossing something off on a list of any sort is always satisfying.” Duly noted, Ciara …