Keratin Complex® Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System is quickly becoming a favorite of stylists who want to give their curly clients the same benefits as our award-winning keratin treatment—softer, shinier hair with frizz control and easier maintenance—but still keep their glorious texture and curl.

Curl ControllerBefore and after the Curl Controller on Danielle by Sharon Williams.

AGSS helps client ditch the ponytail

“I love, love, love AGSS!” raves Sharon Jardim Williams, owner of Total Tranquility Salon in Indian Trail, NC, who finds it her go-to keratin hair treatment for her salon guests with natural hair texture. She regularly shares before-and-after pictures with fellow stylists on Keratin Complex social media—and these are impressive indeed!

For instance, Sharon has a curly client named Danielle who suffered from extremely frizzy hair. “The only thing she would do is pull it into a ponytail,” Sharon says. But ever since she gave Danielle a glycolic smoothing treatment, “She loves her hair now, and she can wear it down more often. No more frizz!”

Curl ControllerA client with the Curl Controller service by Pat LaFerle.

Glycolic keratin treatment helps a client accept her curls

Pat Laferle,a stylist and educator for Keratin Complex in Farmington Hills, MI, has one client “who never liked to wear her hair curly until now”—after getting an Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System treatment with the curly finish. “It works beautifully as a curl controller,” Pat says. “I love this stuff!”

New AGSS finish helps client get great curls, immediately

At Meraki Hair Studio in Mayfield Heights, OH, Paul Orlandi recently used the Curl Controller to give a longtime client exactly the hair she has always craved.

This client, says Paul, has a mixed ethnic background with hair that is “like a level 11” on the Keratin Complex curl scale of 1 – 10. “She likes curl, but just didn’t know what to do with it,” he explains.

Paul had first introduced her to our keratin smoothing via the signature Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment, then later with Express Blow OutTM. She was happy with her hair once she was able to shampoo and style it after the post-treatment waiting period. “She loved how it looked,” Paul says. “A little product, and she was loving her new ‘natural’ texture.

When the Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System came out, that was even better: “We could do the treatment, and once we finished the blow-dry and flat-iron step, we’d go back to the shampoo bowl, wet her down, put in some product and she could leave immediately with her amazing curls!”

Then came the Curl Controller finish. “This new procedure just blew her out of the water. I thought she was going to cry. I can enhance her curl, yet remove the frizz and make her hair behave like she wants it to immediately!”

Says Paul: “I have a client for life, and it’s all because of Keratin Complex and our ever-evolving products.”

Keratin Complex glycolic smoothGlycolic smoothing on Erica by Toney Wilson.

Keratin treatment for versatile texture

Toney Wilson, a Keratin Complex educator and stylist at Laru Ni Hati in Albuquerque, NM, used Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System on a long-haired client named Erica who “is happy with her curl, but not the frizz.” He had used the Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment on her, and she liked the results but not the post-treatment waiting period involved.

Then Toney told her about the benefits of AGSS—including no downtime, and incredible styling versatility—and they decided to try it. “She loved the results,” Toney says. “She can air dry curly, or blow it out smooth in a snap.” And because she is “not the best at styling,” the Curl Controller option has been a godsend for Erica, he adds.

Love your own natural texture and want to keep the curl but lose the frizz? Ask your local Keratin Complex stylist for an Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System treatment of your own!