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What is VitalShot?

Vitalshot is a unique one-shot hair repair treatment that rebuilds and repairs the bonds of the hair to deliver your best hair yet. This in-salon service features a revolutionary, multi-patented triple layer repair technology that strengthens damaged hair from the inside out. Whether added to a color service or used on its own, the more you use Vitalshot, the healthier hair becomes.


The VitalShot Difference

  • Multi-patented technology
  • Can be used in all color and lightening services
  • Adds no processing time in-salon
  • Does not leave a coating on the hair
  • Strengthens damaged hair from the inside out
  • Does not need to be rinsed or shampooed from the hair
before-vitalshot Before
after-vitalshot After

Brightest Blonde

Model was lightened from a level 2 to a level 10 using It's a Blonde Thing Keratin Lightening System® and Vitalshot to maintain the hair's integrity.

Radiant Color

Model was colored using KeraHold® Medium Red Blonde and 30 volume KeraHold Developer. Vitalshot was added to strengthen bonds and increase vibrancy.

kerahold-medium-before Before
kerahold-medium-after After

Serious Hair Repair

Vitalshot is powered by multi-patented triple layer repair technology and our signature keratin, the building block of healthy hair. Vitalshot works from within to fill in gaps where keratin has been depleted, targeting these weak areas to make hair stronger and more resilient. It repairs the bonds, or links, between keratin amino acids in the hair, thus reinforcing and protecting it from the inside out.

hair-shaft-before Hair Shaft Before VitalShot
hair-shaft-after Hair Shaft After VitalShot

Each keratin protein molecule in Vitalshot has three layers.
Here’s how it works:

Transform Your In-Salon Experience

With Vitalshot, color lasts longer and looks more vibrant than ever before: It’s a must-have for any color service. Just one Vitalshot added to your color or lightening service strengthens bonds, increases vibrancy, and protects blonde and fragile hair. Used alone, this damaged-hair treatment repairs the bonds of the hair to deliver strength and healthy looking shine.
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VitalShot Services

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