Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy

What is keratin?

What is keratin? Keratin is a fibrous protein found naturally in the hair. It acts as a protective shield against humidity, the primary cause of frizz. Over time, the hair loses keratin from exposure to the sun, the environment, styling and chemical services. Porous spots develop in this damaged hair, much like potholes in a road. Keratin Complex® Smoothing Therapy treatments give the hair shine, strength, smoothness and elasticity.

Smoothing Therapy

The power of Keratin Complex® Smoothing Therapy

By replenishing lost keratin, Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy treatments help repair damage, lock out humidity to reduce unwanted frizz, and give the hair increased manageability and styling versatility. Our signature Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy helps to rebuild strength and restore smoothness and elasticity to the hair, giving it a more youthful, healthy appearance. Click here to learn more about the science behind Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy.

Four steps to smoother hair

Though there are differences in formulations and protocols between the various Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy treatments, the basic smoothing process is the same.

How Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy works

1The pre-treatment step removes surface buildup and prepares the cuticle, lifting its overlapping layers to allow the treatment to penetrate the hair.

How Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy works

2During application, the keratin treatment penetrates into the hair's cuticle. Hydrolyzed keratin strengthens keratin bonds from within, helps repair damage, and smoothes the hair shaft.

How Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy works

3Keratin and additional conditioning agents help nourish and strengthen the hair, while restoring smoothness and shine.

How Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy works

4The hair shape is further adjusted with the assistance of heat—first with a blow-dryer and finally with a flat iron. This final step helps seal in the treatment to create a humidity-resistant finish.

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