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Smoky Lavender

This dreamy purple look, featured on the September/October 2015 issue of The Colorist, is inspired by “ …  Objects found in nature that are opalescent and luminous,” says Deb Gavin. “Inside, there are unexpected shade combinations and degrees of light and dark.”



  • kerahold-developer-10

    10 vol. KeraHold Developer

  • KeraHold® .11/AA

    KeraHold® .11/AA

  • KeraHold® .21/VA

    KeraHold® .21/VA

  • KeraHold® 1.0/1N

    KeraHold® 1.0/1N

  • KeraHold® .02/V

    KeraHold® .02/V

Smoky Lavender Technique

Smoky Lavender Technique

Starting level: 9

Color Therapy formulations:

Formula A:
30 mL/1 fl. oz. KeraHold® .11/AA
7 mL/.25 fl. oz. KeraHold .21/VA
3 mL/.10 fl. oz. KeraHold 1.0/1N
40 mL/1.35 fl. oz. 10 vol. KeraHold Developer

Formula B:
35 mL/.8 fl. oz. KeraHold .21/VA
5 mL/.15 fl. oz. KeraHold .02/V
40 mL/1 fl. oz. 10 vol. KeraHold Developer

  • Step 1

    Create two teardrop sections off of the front parting.

  • Step 2

    Apply Formula A in the sections, scalp to ends.

  • Step 3

    Apply Formula B to remaining hair. Process 35 minutes.

  • Step 4

    Shampoo and condition with Keratin Complex® shampoo and conditioner.

Style Support


  • Kerabalm

    Prep hair with KeraBalm 3-in-1 Multi-Benefit Hair Balm.

  • kc-round-brush

    Blow-dry using a 2-inch Ceramic + Ionic Round Brush.

  • Thermo shine

    Lightly mist hair with Thermo-Shine Thermal Protectant Mist, then smooth and straighten using a flat iron.



  • blondeshell

    Blondeshell® Debrass & Brighten Shampoo and Conditioner