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Ice Princess

This ash-white blonde has subtle shadings of pale slate blue applied on micro-fine sub-sections to add depth and interest. This Deb Gavin look, which foretold the “granny hair” trend, appeared on the cover of The Colorist for Nov./Dec. 2012.



  • blonde-thing

    It’s a Blonde Thing Keratin Lightening System® powder

  • blonde-thing-developer

    20 vol. It’s a Blonde Thing Developer

  • kerahold-developer-10

    10 vol. KeraHold Developer

  • kerahold-developer-20

    20 vol. KeraHold Developer

  • kerahold-10-2810vp

    KeraHold® 10.28/10VP

  • kerahold-1-01n

    KeraHold® 1.0/1N

  • kerahold-10-110a

    KeraHold® 10.1/10A

Ice Princess Technique

Starting level: 7

Color Therapy formulations:

Formula A:
30 mL/1 oz. It’s a Blonde Thing Keratin Lightening System® powder
60 mL/2 fl. oz. 20 vol. It’s a Blonde Thing Developer

Formula B:
27 mL/0.9 fl. oz. KeraHold® 10.28/10VP
3 mL/0.1 fl. oz. KeraHold 1.0/1N
45 mL/1.5 fl. oz. 20 vol. KeraHold Developer

Formula C (background):
30 mL/1 fl. oz. KeraHold 10.1/10A
45 mL/1.5 fl. oz. 10 vol. KeraHold Developer

  • Step 1

    Pre-lighten hair with Formula A to a level 10. Shampoo, condition and dry hair. Apply Formula C from scalp to mid-lengths.

  • Step 2 step2

    Create a horizontal rectangle on front perimeter, 1 inch above hairline, from center of eye to center of eye. Create a diagonal line across the rectangle to establish two triangles.

  • Step 3 step3

    Apply Formula B to the triangular section, where the smallest corner of the triangle is pointing to the off-center parting line, utilizing an ombre technique and tilting the brush in varying degrees for diffusion. Marry Formula B with Formula C. Take sections horizontally and place painted hair in foils to isolate.

  • Step 4 step4

    Create a curved line from ear to ear along the occipital.

  • Step 5 step5

    From this curved line, create triangles pointing downward, about 1 inch wide and 1.5 inches apart. Apply Formula C to triangular sections in an ombre technique by tilting the brush in varying degrees for diffusion. Marry Formula B with Formula C.

  • Step 6 step6

    Create the same shaped section approximately 2 inches above the previous section, at the parietal ridge of the head. Repeat Step 5.

  • Step 7

    Apply Formula C to the mid-lengths of remaining hair. Process hair to background color completion.

  • Step 8

    Cleanse and condition with Keratin Complex® shampoo and conditioner.

  • Tip

    Add a Vitalshot™ to formulas to strengthen and rebuild the bonds of the hair.

Style Support


  • cocktail-kerabalm-and-vita

    Cocktail Kerabalm 3-in-1 Multi-Benefit Hair Balm and Vita Volume Boosting Foam throughout the hair.

  • kc-round-brush

    Blow-dry using the Keratin Complex 3-inch Ceramic + Ionic Round Brush.

  • kc-flex-flow

    Finish with Flex Flow Flexible Shaping Hairspray to hold the style.



  • blondeshell

    Blondeshell® Debrass & Brighten Shampoo and Conditioner