Note from the KeraGirls: Keratin Complex Elite Inspiration Team member Abraham Sprinkle filed this street trends report.

We have seen unconventional styles—everything from rooty ombres to uncombed waves—hold strong in the past years. For a while I thought this trend would never see an end.

Though I love unconventional looks, I felt these were a bit of a disaster to the industry because so many consumers were doing home versions and not realizing that their results screamed “bathroom stylist.”

It’s so refreshing to see 2015 cleaning up its act! With shoulder-length bobs and cleaner colors making a push-through, this gives us hope that clients are spending a little more time on personal polishing and leaving the coloring to the stylist once again.

As a New York-based session stylist, I’m always finding ways to manipulate trends to add my own signature on what is current.

Hair color trend: Internal lights

One of my favorite color trends making its debut is rich colors and slight balayage highlights within the cut—not so much on the surface, but more internal. This is giving hair a dimension without the sacrifice of shine. And, with the shorter lengths, the ends of the hair are not showing the wear and tear that was present with an invasive ombre technique.

KC street trends Danii Minogue caramel lob


Lobs with internal layering (such as the one on Danii Minogue, above) are giving a modern, harmonious movement with the internal lighting being the crescendo.

The rise of the ‘uncolor’

Another hair-color trend I’m thrilled with is what I call the “uncolor.” What do I mean by uncolor? In the fashion world, it would compare to androgyny—neither this nor that.

One of my favorite no-fail formulas for this look is the Color Therapy™ Caramel Series, as these shades seem to deliver the most beautiful uncolor. Caramel can fall between warm and cool, depending on what you pair it with (the highlight reflect). Being an uncolor, it goes with every skin tone and is hard for one to truly identify—not to mention, to get at home in one’s bathroom!

While I used to feel that boxed color threatened my livelihood, I have come to see that our craft really cannot be replicated with a box kit. It has forced me to stay on top of my game and understand that these are only tools. Like a child dabbling in finger paints, anyone can put color on their hair—but it takes a true artist to create a masterpiece.

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