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Hi Keratin fans! I have just gotten back from a month-long trek that started in Springfield, Il. 4 weeks in a row is a lot on your body and mind!!! I have to say even though the golf wasnt that good I did enjoy myself and my time traveling. We had some fun and exciting times [...]

Hello Keratin fans! Its been a while since I last wrote you. The ladies golf world hasn’t been too busy but we are now getting ready for a 5 week stretch of events (finally!!!) . My last blog was about 2months ago and we’ve only had 2 event since, Mexico and Mobile,Ala. The event in [...]

Hello Keratin fans! I just had my first event of the year and missed the cut by a stroke. Major bummer but to put things into perspective my game is really close! For the first event of the year I am happy with where things are and so ready for the next event. Since the [...]

Hi Keratin fans! Let me introduce myself, my name is Nicole Hage. I am 24 and a member of the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association). I am going into my third year as a      professional and my first full year out on the LPGA. I grew up in South Florida and  graduated from [...]